• Yekaterinburg is the largest city on the land border of Europe and Asia . According to statistics, 78 trains cross the border of parts of the world every hour through Yekaterinburg. A unique geographical location is located seventeen kilometers from the center of Yekaterinburg and is one of the most visited places in the city.
  • The city was called Sverdlovsk for 67 years (1924-1991).
  • Metallurgy is one of the most developed industries in the city. So, the first industrial machines in England were made precisely from Ural iron. In 1820, the roof of the building of the English Parliament in London was made of roofing iron produced in Yekaterinburg. Ural steel was used in the construction of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and Ural copper was used in the construction of the Statue of Liberty in New York.
  • More people live in Yekaterinburg than in all of Estonia
  • In 2002, at an exhibition held in France, which determined the best city in the world to live in, Yekaterinburg was among the first 12 cities.
  • In Yekaterinburg, the world’s oldest wooden sculpture is stored – the Big Shigirsky idol. He is older than the Egyptian pyramids, his age is 9,500 years. Radiocarbon analysis of fragments of an idol found in the vicinity of the city gave a sensational result: it was made with stone tools during the Mesolithic era in the 8th millennium BC.
  • The first bicycle was created by the Yekaterinburg peasant, and in 1801 he arrived on it at the coronation of Emperor Alexander I in St. Petersburg. A similar invention appeared in Europe only in 1839.
  • The world’s first BI-1 jet aircraft was tested in Yekaterinburg on May 15, 1945. The flight lasted 3 minutes 9 seconds at an altitude of 840 meters.
  • Yekaterinburg is one of the leading sports centers in Russia. A large number of famous athletes, world and Olympic champions are associated with the city. Since 1952, Yekaterinburg athletes have won 145 medals at the Olympic Games (50 gold, 60 silver and 35 bronze).
  • The two most northern skyscrapers in the world are located in Yekaterinburg. The Iset residential tower (209 m) and the Vysotsky business center (188 m) are the tallest buildings not only in Yekaterinburg, but throughout the country east of Moscow.
  • The highest temperature ever recorded here reached +38.8 degrees, and on the coldest night in history, the thermometer dropped to -46.7 degrees. Moreover, such anomalous frosts occurred on New Year’s Eve.
  • Yekaterinburg ranks first in the world in per capita mayonnaise consumption. In this category, he is also listed in the Guinness Book of Records


Greenwich shopping center

March 8, 46

The Greenwich shopping center in Yekaterinburg opened in the city center in 2006 and now occupies a whole block between the streets of March 8, Kuibyshev, Weiner, Radishchev. The shopping center is expanding steadily: along with the fifth stage, which opened at the end of 2016, its area is 303,000 square meters; the complex includes retail outlets, offices, amusement parks, parking lots. To navigate the huge Greenwich shopping center, there are stands with detailed maps for buyers: you can find them near the entrances and escalators. Greenwich stores in Yekaterinburg include over a hundred well-known clothing and footwear brands (Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, Levis, Mango, Benetton, Colins, Crocs, H&M), specialized stores for accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, books and stationery, goods for children and for home.

Mega shopping center

Metallurgov, 87 / Moskovsky Trakt, 9 km, 3,

In Mega, 3 network giants are deployed under one roof – Ikea, Obi and Auchan stores, which form separate trading sectors.

In addition, more than a hundred well-known world brands, such as Benetton, Calvin Klein Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, C&A, Adidas, Mango, H&M, Mark & ​​Spenser, Mexx, Zara, Lacoste, Puma and others , present their assortment here .

The shopping center has a lot of stores with goods for children, the largest of which are Detsky Mir and Imaginarium.

In summer and winter, large sales are traditionally held in Mega, in which most stores participate.

SEC “Carnival”
  1. Khalturina, 55

Shopping and entertainment center “Carnival” in Yekaterinburg is a popular place for shopping and family vacations among residents and visitors of the city. The mall has a rich infrastructure. In addition to numerous shops, restaurants and cafes, there is an amusement park, a fitness club, a manicure and pedicure studio, a children’s hairdresser, a pharmacy, optics, service ateliers, a travel agency, a theater box office, mobile phone stores Euroset, Svyaznoy, MTS ”, ATMs and payment terminals.

Shopping center “Passage”
  1. Weiner, 9

Shopping complex with a total area of ​​64,600 square meters built on the site of the demolished building of the old Passage and in all respects meets modern standards. Yekaterinburg Passage has more than 150 stores, including well-known brands of clothes and shoes, such as Guess, Rieker, Henderson, Michael Cors and others. The Passage shopping area is occupied by numerous accessories, jewelry, gift shops, mobile phone stores, and household appliances and electronics stores.

Restaurant Mom

This is a delicious home-made food, a comfortable game room and a cozy atmosphere. That’s how we conceived our “Mommy” and, we hope, we succeeded.

Why exactly a family restaurant? Because there is nothing more expensive than a family. There is nothing better than spending time with family people, talking and having a tasty lunch at the same time. Spending family time at the table is a tradition that goes into the past in Russia. But to visit restaurants earlier it was decided only on holidays. Family gastronomic leisure began to gain popularity only in the mid 90s of the last century. But then again, there were no family restaurants, with a smoking-free area, a children’s room and a children’s menu. Such institutions began to appear only in the two thousandth. Today, a family restaurant in Yekaterinburg is not difficult to find. With us you will feel like visiting a good and friendly mother who will be happy to place you in a cozy dining room, work out with your children in the children’s room and be sure to feed tasty and home-like.
And for those who prefer a family feast at home, Mommy will prepare a delicious dinner, carefully pack it and deliver it to the doorstep of your apartment. As a result, no one will get tired of preparing a feast and at the same time, a family dinner will be a success.
Address: st. Lenina d. 41, Ekaterinburg 620075 Russia

Restaurant “Ratatouille”

Favorite dishes of Russian, European and Japanese cuisines, pleasant service, as well as a special children’s menu and a large children’s room with a nanny for our little guests.
Do you know the situation when a visit to a restaurant is postponed only because there is no one to leave the child with? If yes, then feel free to take your children in an armful and go to the restaurant “Ratatouille” on the East! This is one of the few establishments in Yekaterinburg where parents can take a short break from their children. In the spacious children’s room, little visitors will definitely not get bored: they crawl through the maze, watch cartoons in our The interior of the restaurant can not be called elaborate or pathos, rather, it is home-like. In the warmer months, you can have lunch or dinner in the fresh air: from June to August there is a summer terrace.
You can visit the restaurant for any reason: how to stop by for dinner after a hard day, or to celebrate a special event. A delicious cake is prepared for you in the pastry shop. On the occasion of our birthday, we give you nice bonuses. And by the way, a bonus program is also available!
Popular wisdom says that it is better to see once than to hear 100 times. Better yet, try it! “Ratatouille” on the East is waiting for you!
Address: Str. East, 72

Restaurant “Savoy”

The Savoy restaurant was one of the first to appear in Yekaterinburg – it was opened at the beginning of the last century in the building of the Central Hotel. Over 88 years of work, his guests were world-famous people: Osip Mandelstam and Vladimir Mayakovsky, Nikita Khrushchev and Fidel Castro dined here.
In the Soviet years, the interior of the Savoy restaurant underwent significant changes. The restoration of the aristocratic look of the restaurant was attended by the best designers and architects of the city of Yekaterinburg.
And today, Savoy, which has returned sophistication and charm, offers guests only the very best. And its excellent Slavic cuisine will be the perfect complement to the celebration of celebrations. Lunch or dinner, banquet or wedding, corporate party or stand-up meal – any celebration at Savoy will be an unforgettable experience for a lifetime.
Hours: daily, around the clock
Address: st. Malysheva 74, Ekaterinburg

Restaurant “Forge”

The Forge is a very special place. The “Forge” is located in the heart of the ancient Yekaterinburg corner – Melkovskaya Sloboda. Once built up with wooden houses along the narrow river Melkovka, the settlement has long disappeared. Melkivka herself hid in an underground pipe. But the memory of the place is still alive.
Everything in it – from the table to the doorknob – was carefully and lovingly made by the hands of the famous Ural smith Alexander Andreyevich Lysyakov. The art of the forge and the art of the kitchen were combined in a cozy, animated space filled with many interesting artistic details. A great place for warm communication …
The “Forge” and the kitchen offers excellent – in the best traditions of a home Ural feast. And some dishes – according to special recipes, personally from the blacksmith Lysyakov. Tasty – unimaginable
Address: Melkovskaya St., 3, Yekaterinburg

Restaurant-cafe “Siberia”

Our menu contains dishes of Russian, Mediterranean cuisine, of which the most popular is perhaps Russian. Traditional culinary creations will appear from a new perspective. What is worth the choice of various pickles? Or order familiar soups, stewed main courses and flour sweets.
We have the opportunity to connect to Wi-Fi, a business lunch is organized, parking and a banquet room are available – all at your service.
Address: 23, Soboleva street, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Restaurant “Robin”

The restaurant of Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, Robin, is the intersection of gastronomic cultures, a symbol of cheerful rural expanse, the atmosphere of the Kuban farm, where one wants to put on bast shoes and dance a hopak.
The famous borsch with donuts, fries, pancakes, dumplings – all that our Russian people love. And for the youngest guests in the Robin there is a special children’s menu.
Address: st. Metallurgists, 6A, Yekaterinburg (floor socle)

Restaurant “Troekurov”

Russian noble cuisine arose within the walls of large hospitable houses from the traditions of centuries-old gastronomy of our country and the classics of French cuisine, which were imported by invited overseas chefs. In modern Yekaterinburg, this atmosphere of hospitality and high style is embodied in the Troekurov restaurant – a two-story mansion at the end of Malyshev Street.
Opening hours: daily, 12: 00–0: 00
Address: st. Malysheva, 137, Yekaterinburg

Restaurant “Factory Kitchen”

A stylish self-service restaurant, located on the site of the legendary Sverdlovsk restaurant “Ural dumplings”, offers its understanding of fast food – simple, exceptionally fresh, understandable to any Russian and curious to foreign tourists.
For this, they created kitchen factories – the first public catering enterprises: spacious, comfortable, bright.
Address: Ave. Lenin, 69, bldg. 1, Yekaterinburg

BOOZER Pub & Restaurant

German-style pub-restaurant with excellent cuisine. We will delight both lovers of traditional sausages and beer, as well as sophisticated culinary critics with interesting dishes. And in the evening on the weekend, those who love to BOOZit heartily will enjoy live music, a fun atmosphere and dancing until the morning.
Address: Yekaterinburg, Furmanova St., 117



In addition to the following official days, many businesses (but not restaurants, shops and museums) close for a week of bank holidays between 1 January and at least 8 January. Bank holidays are typically declared to merge national holidays with the nearest weekend.

New Year’s Day 1 January

Russian Orthodox Christmas Day 7 January

Defender of the Fatherland Day 23 February

International Women’s Day 8 March

International Labour Day/Spring Festival 1 May

Victory Day 9 May

Russian Independence Day 12 June

Unity Day 4 November

Tele Club

Career, 16

This old derelict looking building houses a nightclub and music venue that is well suited to its grimy setting. An insight into Yekaterinburg’s music scene, you could stumble across a gem if you just came here on a whim. The international and local DJs and bands that come through here play music with attitude: techno, hip hop, hard rock, heavy metal, rap and drum n bass. Tele-club is from the same guys who set up Amy Wine House and Press House Loft Bar and Gallery, so you can assume you are in the good hands.

Jazz club “EverJazz”

Turgenev St., 22

The concert venue is organized as follows – the audience is sitting at tables or at the bar. Tables are divided into regular and VIP seats (immediately in front of the stage). Enjoying music, EverJazz visitors can order food and drinks. The restaurant’s menu offers dishes of European and Pan-Asian cuisine, there is also a good selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Med (Honey) Night Club

Shevchenko St., 9

The club is divided into 3 levels: 1 level – 15 tables near the dance floor and stage; 4 tables – in the pub area; Level 2 – 11 tables located on the balconies; Level 3 – 3 tables (VIP zone). The hall has a wardrobe, three bars, cozy chill outs and large sofas. There are also three cuisines: Japanese, Mexican and European. Despite the specifics of the establishment, there is a rather extensive menu. And, of course, a wide selection of alcohol and alcoholic cocktails. The club “Med” regularly hosts concerts by various artists, hosts theme parties. There is face control and a dress code. We recommend booking a table in advance before visiting here.

Club Son (Sleep)

Str. Malysheva, 71

Club “Dream” is a temporary club in Yekaterinburg, founded by the promotional groups Studio / 513 and “Tesnota”. Two floors, two dance floors, a separate bar area, a spacious roof and a wide variety of music: techno parties, electronic live shows, rock concerts, urban festivals and performances by hip-hop teams.

Lift 12

March 8, 12A

Lift 12 is located on 8 March Street, a few minutes’ walk from Ploshchad 1905 goda metro station. This establishment is a combination of a stylish bar, club area and art space. Loft style in harmony with different areas of music. On weekdays you can hear RNB and blues. And on weekends, Russian and foreign artists perform at the club. The menu offers quality Pan-Asian cuisine, as well as a business lunch and a variety of drinks. Lift 12 is a place for those who like to have fun in the company of friends.

Kvadrat Malevicha

8 march 13

The territory of the complex includes: bar, hookah, club, concert hall. One of the favorite places for residents and visitors. Come from Thursday to Sunday and feel the atmosphere of a real night Ural!


Church of the Blood
  1. Tsarskaya d.10

The Yekaterinburg Church on Blood in the name of All Saints in the Russian land shone is one of the main attractions of the city. The Ascension Hill area has become notorious for the whole world. It was here until 1977 that the house of engineer Nikolai Nikolayevich Ipatiev stood, in which the last Russian Emperor Nikolai II was shot dead with his family and servants. Because of this event, which occurred on the night of July 16-17, 1918, the temple received its name. The temple is included in the majority of sightseeing tour routes, therefore it is often visited by tourist groups.

Daily 7:30 am – 11:00 pm

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Roses Luxembourg, 57

The Holy Trinity Cathedral is located in the center of Yekaterinburg and is the main active Orthodox Church in the city. In the immediate vicinity there are baths, a luxury hotel, a synagogue, an international trade center and a psychiatric hospital, which often become a joke among local residents. On a clear day, the building transforms: the sun’s rays play on the golden domes of the building, and the bright yellow walls and the general architectural decoration in the style of classicism are transformed. Already a glance at the shrine is enough to appreciate the majestic beauty of its forms and the exterior decoration. Above the main four stands a wide round drum with eight windows, a high dome and small corners in the corners. On both sides there are entrances made in the form of porticoes with columns, and the main building is connected to the first tier of the bell tower through the refectory. The interior is represented by bright paintings of golden yellow and blue, old technology was used to create it. Due to the fact that the old iconostasis could not be preserved, it was replaced by a modern one; there are also a number of all the main Orthodox icons in the cathedral.

Daily 7:00 am – 9:00 pm

“Copper” mosque them. Imam Ismagil Al-Bukhari

Verkhnyaya Pyshma, st. October 26

Until the Cathedral Mosque has been built, the largest and perhaps the most beautiful Muslim temple in the Urals can be considered the “Copper” mosque in the satellite town of Verkhnyaya Pyshma. It was built by believers with the participation of the industrial enterprise Uralelectromed. The mosque is decorated with Turkish marble, which was delivered at the expense of parishioners. She is known far beyond the borders of Yekaterinburg and Verkhnyaya Pyshma. The copper mosque has been operating for more than 10 years.

Daily 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

Church of the Ascension

Klara Zetkin, 11

The Church in honor of the Ascension is one of the oldest and most beautiful Orthodox churches in the city of Yekaterinburg. Being located on a hill, the Ascension Church offers an excellent view of the Iset River Embankment and the Church on the Blood. A particle of the relics of the holy righteous Simeon of Verkhotursky, miraculous icons, and also there is a large church shop in the Temple in honor of the Ascension of the Lord.

Daily 7:00 am – 9:00 pm


Yeltsin Center
  1. 3 Boris Yeltsin

The Boris Yeltsin Museum is a new project for Russia, which laid the foundation for the systematic study, preservation and popularization of the historical heritage of Russian presidents. Using the latest technology, the museum speaks in a modern language about the life of the first president of Russia and the most important stages of his political biography. The central exhibition of the museum “Seven Days that Changed Russia” is an objective and unbiased study of the era of the 90s. It is based on genuine documents and materials telling about the difficult period of the birth of a new country, about the formation of modern Russian democracy.

Opening hours: Tue-Sun: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm; Mon – day off

Museum of the History of Yekaterinburg

Karl Liebknecht, 26

The Museum of the History of Yekaterinburg is a historical and cultural museum with regional artifacts, traditional and interactive exhibits. The mission of the museum is to study and popularize the history of Yekaterinburg, contributing to the consolidation of the urban community and the formation of regional identity. The museum actively works with themes of urban everyday life and urban culture, starting from the XVIII century, the time of the appearance of the city, and to the present. Simple plots and ordinary objects give the exhibitions not a heroic, but an everyday dimension, at the same time revealing the history of the city, conveying the spirit and meaning of past eras.

Opening hours: Mon, Wed, Fri: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm;

Thu: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm;

Sat-Sun: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Photographic Museum “House of Metenkov”
  1. Karl Liebknecht, 36

The photographic museum “Metenkova House” has a permanent and temporary exhibition. The basis of the permanent historical exhibition is not only the work of Metenkov, but also a private collection of the local historian and photographer Evgeny Mikhailovich Biryukov and other artifacts. These are about 10 thousand exhibits – photographic equipment, photographs, literature, archival documents reflecting the history of the development of photo art in Russia.

In addition, young Russian and foreign authors, recognized masters of photography, regularly exhibit their work in the museum. On the website of the House of Metenkov you can see upcoming and past exhibitions.

Opening hours: Tue-Sun: 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm; Mon – day off

Plotinka Tower
  1. Gorky, 4c.

The water tower in the Historical Square is one of the symbols of Yekaterinburg, a monument of industrial architecture of the late XIX century. The museum exposition is dedicated to the history of the Ekaterinburg plant of the 18th – 19th centuries, the tower itself and its inhabitants. In the warm season, organized excursions around Plotinka are held here, as well as master classes for children. There is a coffee shop and the Yekaterinburg Guest Center on the ground floor : here you can buy the Yekaterinburg Guest Card (CityPass), have a cup of coffee, buy authentic souvenirs and enjoy the view of the historical center of Yekaterinburg from the window.

Opening hours: Wed-Sun: 10:30 am – 6:30 pm; Mon, Tue – day off

Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts

Vojvodina, 5

Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts is a large cultural center that conducts a wide exposition, exhibition, educational, research and gathering activity. It is the main methodological base for art educational institutions in the Middle Urals. The museum funds contain unique monuments of national and world significance, including works of Russian icon painting of the 17th – 20th centuries, Russian art of the 18th – early 20th centuries, West European art of the 14th – 19th centuries, Russian art avant-garde of the 1910–1920s, and domestic art of 1920–2000 and decorative arts of the Urals.

Opening hours: Tue-Thu: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm;

Fri-Sun: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Mon – day off

Ticket offices close 1 hour earlier

Historical Park “Russia – my history”
  1. People’s Will, 49

Over a thousand-year history of the country comes to life in the museum with the help of modern technologies – from touch screens, powerful projectors to three-dimensional modeling, 3D reconstructions.

The park consists of four exhibitions: “Rurikovich”, “Romanovs”, and “From the Great Shocks to the Great Victory. 1914-1945″, “Russia – My History. 1945-2016.” A separate place in the new museum is devoted to the history of the Sverdlovsk region, regional content was developed by Ural historians and local historians throughout the year.

Opening hours: Tue-Fri: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm;

Sat-Sun: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Mon – day off

Yekaterinburg museum of V.S. Vysotsky
  1. Malysheva, 51 – 1st floor; BC Vysotsky

Vysotsky Memorial Museum in Yekaterinburg opened for the 75th anniversary of Vladimir Semenovich in 2012. The exhibition is located on the second and third floors of the northernmost skyscraper in the world with the same name “Vysotsky”. The exposition was based on the personal items of Vladimir Vysotsky, letters, photographs, posters and other, smaller, but no less valuable and memorable objects. All this can be studied by slowly strolling through the chambers of the museum, listening to music and poems by Vysotsky. The Yekaterinburg Museum presents a number of exhibits that are not found anywhere in the world: a samovar and a dial telephone, which were in Vysotsky’s apartment on Malaya Gruzinskaya Street in the 70s; theatrical guitar – only on it did Vysotsky play at the Taganka Theater; the museum restored the hotel room in which Vladimir Vysotsky stayed when he came on tour in Sverdlovsk. The hotel itself (“Big Ural”) is located across from the skyscraper; the museum’s most interesting exhibit is the legendary Mercedes 350 W 116 metallic color.

Opening hours: Wed-Sat: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm;

Sun: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Mon, Tue – day off

Ticket offices close 30 minutes earlier

Museum of the History of Stone-Cutting and Jewelry

Lenin, 37

The Urals has long been famous for its stone-cutting art, and the museum’s exposition is a clear confirmation of this. Here are presented gold, silver, malachite products, gems, collections of mineral stones and coins. Bazhov and Malachite halls, the Emerald room, a hall with products from the Yekaterinburg lapidary factory are also open for visitors. In addition to the main exposition, the Museum of Stone-Cutting Art in Yekaterinburg regularly holds temporary thematic exhibitions.

Opening hours: Wed: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm;

Thu: 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm;

Fri-Sun: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Mon, Tue – day off

The Nevyansk Icon Museum
  1. Engelsa, 15

The Nevyansk Icon Museum in Yekaterinburg, it became the first private icon museum in Russia, incorporating a unique collection of icon painting. The museum’s exposition has about 300 icons, the main part of which has a dramatic fate: items were chopped with axes and tried to burn, the eyes of the saints were scratched, and many icons were cut out. At the time of the mass closure of churches, almost all the available icons were given to the population for collective farm needs. Subsequently, the part was restored, but many retained their original appearance. It was they who became a separate exposition, reminding visitors of the museum about vandalism, which had flourished in the country not so long ago.

Opening hours: Daily 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Museum of Soviet Life “MADE IN THE USSR”
  1. Chebysheva, 4

Perfumes “Red Moscow”, a gramophone, a bobbin tape recorder with songs of the legendary group “The Beatles”, records of Alla Pugacheva and “Pesnyarov”, pennants and gas masks and many other exhibits, visitors can not only look at, but also pick up a unique spirit Soviet era.

The space is divided into thematic zones:

  • the room of the Soviet family, where you can try on colorful olympics and play the guitar, sit at the table and learn lessons;
  • a pensioner’s apartment, where you can look through the Health magazine or a 1956 fashion book in a comfortable armchair, take a picture with a plush carpet with deers;
  • “The Red Corner.” Here you will see a portrait of Lenin on the wall, on the Capital table of K. Marx and F. Engels, pioneer ties and a school uniform and much more.

Without politics, without shortcuts and templates, through everyday objects that have now become artifacts, together we will launch the mechanism of happy memories.

Opening hours: Daily 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Sverdlovsk State Academic Philharmony
  1. Karl Liebknecht, 38a,

The Philharmonic was founded in 1936. One of the best philharmonic societies in Russia. The first in Russia to become the holder of the title “Philharmonic of the Year”. It was here that the first author’s festivals of contemporary composers took place – Sophia Gubaidulina, Valentin Silvestrov, Avet Terteryan, Arno Pyart, Giyya Kancheli. In recent years, the Yekaterinburg public has discovered new Russian names – Mark Drobinsky, Alexey Lyubimov, Vadim Repin, Nikolai Lugansky, Denis Matsuev, Boris Berezovsky, Ignat Solzhenitsyn. The history of the philharmonic and orchestra is a way of finding and gaining one’s face, finding one’s place in the country’s cultural life, and striving to comply with the standards accepted in the world music community


Opera and Ballet Theatre

46, Lenin Ave

The opera house is a real asset of the city. The grand opening of the opera and ballet theater in Yekaterinburg took place on September 12, 1912 with the production of the first Russian opera by M. I. Glinka “Life for the Tsar”, and since then it has been recognized as the best theater in the Asian part of Russia. The theater in its history received 9 Golden Masks.


Drama Theatre

October Square, 2,

The Sverdlovsk Drama Theater opened in 1930 and from the first days declared itself to be a highly professional creative team that values ​​the best traditions of Russian dramatic art, but is not afraid of contemporary themes.In 2010, the Young Theater studio was opened in the Sverdlovsk Drama, which is engaged in the embodiment of modern stage ideas. Since 2011, the Dance Theater Company has also been included in the troupe of the Academic Drama Theater. All three creatively independent groups always delight the audience with independent performances and joint productions.


Theater of the Young Spectator
  1. Karl Liebknecht, 48,

The theater was founded in 1930. Yekaterinburg Youth Theater is one of the oldest and most famous professional theaters for children and youth in Russia. Currently, the repertoire of the theater plays for all age groups. The pride of the theater is its acting troupe, which is considered one of the best among the provincial Russian theaters. The theater team has successfully toured in many countries.



Lenin Ave., 47

The theater was founded in 1933 to organize interesting recreation and vibrant cultural life of the townspeople and guests of the city. In 2004, the theater was awarded the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation. F. Volkova “For his contribution to the development of theatrical art of Russia.” Over the past decade, the Theater has delivered more than a dozen world premieres, won the 17 highest national Golden Mask awards.


Kolyada Theater

Lenin Ave. 97

Kolyada Theater was founded in 2001 by its art director, a well-known playwright and theater director Nikolai Kolyada, whose work has an interesting form and deep content. Each performance of this theater is distinguished by innovative techniques of visualization. There is a lot of humor and identity in the productions. Kolyada Theater also attracts spectators with a special atmosphere of hospitality.


  1. Mamina-Sibiryaka, 143

Puppet Theater was founded in 1932. His repertoire consists of performances of various genres for children and adults. In 2002, the Yekaterinburg Puppet Theater became the initiator of the I International Puppet Theater Festival “Parsley the Great”, which is now held once every two years. In 2004, the Museum of theatrical dolls “Petrushkin House” was opened in the Theater.


  1. March 8, 104,

Founded in 1988, The Nutcracker is the only children’s theater in Russia to stage full-length ballet performances based on fairy tales in its own choreography. All parties with constant skill are performed by about 200 young artists aged 5 to 17 years. On the basis of the theater there is a school of classical ballet.


Ural State Estrada Theater
  1. March 8, 15

The theater has been operating since 1996 and is the only theater of this direction in Russia outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg. International and All-Russian forums were held at the theater site: 17 International Jazz-Transit Festivals, 1st International Festival “Jazz Born in the USSR” and 8 All-Russian Teen-Jazz Festivals.

Ural Music Night (June)

220 000 guests. Absolutely free entry to all 80 festival music venues. Music of all genres and styles are on the water, on the land and in the air – on squares and rooftops, in dozens of bars and cafes, on stairs of the theatre and in the dungeons of old buildings, in libraries and parks, from the hotel windows and from the Opera balcony.

Ural Music Night is a festival that brings together music and completely different people. It is the night when Yekaterinburg becomes one big concert venue and the music Centre of the globe. The best musicians of the city, of our entire vast country and of the entire world perform on stages inscribed in the urban space. It doesn’t make sense to tell. Come here and become a part of the most ambitious music sight of Russia! Now this is your festival!

City’s Day (17 August)

The whole city for 2 weeks is immersed in the atmosphere of the celebration of the City Day. Mass sporting events, bicycle races, the Grocery Store food festival, the landscape art festival, the art song festival, and the athletics marathon are held. The day of the main celebrations begins with the ceremony of raising the flag and laying flowers at the monument to the founders of the city. Throughout the day, the city hosts various exhibitions, theater performances, a poetry marathon and music concerts. The celebration ends with a salute.

Vienna Festival City’s Day (July)

The Vienna Festival of Musical Films in Yekaterinburg has already become a traditional summer event. The Vienna festival in Yekaterinburg is held under the slogan “Watch the music.” For several weeks, guests and residents of the city can visit the site, where on a large screen videos of concerts and opera performances from around the world are shown.

May walk (third Sunday of May)

The essence of the event is to simply go the distance (18, 36 and 50 kilometers). Each participant chooses the length of the route. After registration, a card is issued that marks the passed control points. If the participant decided to leave the route, he must inform the organizers about it. Those who reach the finish line and present a card with all the marks receive a commemorative badge. A walk through the May forest gives a lot of positive emotions, you will not only test your strength, but also take a break from the noisy city and enjoy the Ural nature.

International Industrial Exhibition Innoprom (July)

Innoprom International Exhibition is a large-scale event in the field of industry and technology, which annually gathers technical specialists, engineers, top managers and directors of small and large enterprises not only in the Sverdlovsk Region, but also in other cities of Russia and also foreign companies. The purpose of the Innoprom exhibition is to demonstrate industry achievements, conclude contracts and establish dialogue between countries, buyers and manufacturers. For an ordinary viewer who does not have a professional interest, visiting the exhibition will also be a fascinating event. Here you can not only see, but also try out some technical innovations. So, at the exhibitions of past years, you could see and “talk” with robots, imagine yourself as an electric car driver, experience virtual reality glasses. Visitors to Innoprom were among the first to see the layout of the Yekaterinburg Arena, the smart bus stop and the modern tram project.

Waterpark “Limpopo”
Shcherbakova, 2

Aquapark Limpopo is a real oasis of heat with a constant temperature from +28 to + 30 degrees, where any needs of visitors in outdoor activities, extreme entertainment or relaxation can be realized. On its territory, there are swimming pools, water slides of various difficulty levels and extreme sports, a developed children’s zone, spa complex, and a secluded relaxation area. The food court of the water park is represented by several bars and cafes where you can have a snack or fully eat. Across the entire aqua zone, there are relaxation corners with sun loungers and tropical plants, and the walls around the perimeter are decorated with photo wallpapers with beach landscapes.

Opening hours: Daily from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm

Wonder Park “Galileo”

Lenin, 50 W, the building of the Sverdlovsk film studio

Galileo Wonderland Park is a network of entertainment centers with an educational focus. The main exposition of the interactive project is tricks and illusions, as well as fascinating presentations of physical phenomena. Each installation of a miracle park has one or another installation, and each of the halls leads into a huge mirror labyrinth. According to visitors, in the park you can not only relax with your whole family but also learn a lot of cognitive and educational facts from physics and other sciences.

Opening hours: Daily from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Ticket offices close 1 hour earlier

Newton Park
  1. Boris Yeltsin, 3A, Yeltsin Center,

Newton Park is an amusement park and at the same time an interactive science museum for adults and children. The main park features about a hundred exhibits, including unusual devices and mechanisms, each of which in an interesting form demonstrates the laws of physics or chemistry. All exhibition materials and devices may be touched, tested according to the instructions.

Opening hours: Sun – Fri: from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Sat: from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Newton BIO
  1. Weiner, 13

An interactive museum where exhibits demonstrate the capabilities of the human body, as well as a person’s place in the biosphere (anatomy, zoology, the world around him).

Opening hours: Sun – Fri: from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Sat: from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Heroes Park

March 8, 46

HEROES PARK in Greenwich – a thematic extreme amusement park for children and adults. The space is decorated in the style of comics about superheroes, there are 11 figures of the most striking characters. They create a special atmosphere and stimulate visitors to perform feats. With characters you can take pictures, near them even the zones most suitable for posing with heroes are indicated. Batman, Catwoman, many characters of the Marvel universe – Thor, Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and others – were located in the park square, known to many by comics and films.

Around the figures are areas with slot machines and attractions. The plot of the games echoes the superheroes who are nearby, for example, you can ride cars and motorbikes near Batman, near the Joker you can play automatic gambling in various machines, and in the neighborhood with the Hulk there are games related to the destruction of something. There are also many shooting games, air hockey, devices for measuring strength, Monopoly, based on the popular board game.

Opening hours: Daily 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

  1. March 8, 46, Greenwich shopping center,

FantasyGrad is a theme entertainment park decorated in the form of a medieval city. Focuses on children from 5 to 14 years old. Here, children, accompanied by animation teachers, learn the basics of one of thirty professions – from detective and pastry chef to dentist. Children are happy to prepare real pizza, burgers and ice cream, sing, perform on stage, draw, solve riddles, look for treasures, and so on.

Opening hours: Daily 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Theatrical Attraction House of Fears
  1. March 8, 46,

“House of Fears” in the Greenwich shopping center is an interactive quest attraction for children and adults. The park offers several scenarios with animators. Each quest is based on the principles of horror films: a terrible background, darkness, sudden scarecrows and a secret that must be resolved. It is recommended to take part in quests in groups – visitors can choose one of the proposed plots, and then go to a terrible old house or an abandoned hospital to test their nerves. Further, the employees of the attraction will take care of scaring you – for this, there are a huge number of scenery and several animators on the territory of the “House of Fears”. In total, the theatrical attraction offers 11 options for quests – from the “maniac trap” to stories about artificial intelligence.

Opening hours: Daily 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Fun Jump

Krasolesya Street, 133. Akademichesky shopping and entertainment complex

Park “Fun Jump» – a network of family trampoline parks, one of which is located in Yekaterinburg. The park is a huge trampoline arena and a complex of attractions for visitors of all ages. In the Fun Jump trampoline park you can spend time with family, friends. In addition to attractions, trampolines, and a climbing wall, the amusement park also has a family cafe and many relaxation areas.

Opening hours: Daily 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Laser Tag Arena “Portal-66”
  1. Heroes of Russia, 2, shopping center Sverdlovsk

The Laser Tag Arena “Portal-66” is an active entertainment center located in Yekaterinburg. Laser tag (cousin) is a fairly popular game, so monthly Portal-66 accepts a huge number of citizens of completely different ages.

Portal-66 space platform (for adults and children from 5-6 years old), a warm labyrinth of 300 sq.m., the game takes place in ultraviolet lighting to music, equipment – a vest and weapons, the sensors are on the vest and in weapons. Life and ammo in the game are not limited.

LaserWar military site (for adults and children from 10 years old), a warm training ground of 1300 sq.m, the game takes place in a bright room without music, equipment – a headband with sensors and a lightweight real weapon model. Life and ammunition in the game are limited, additional equipment in the game is used: first-aid kit, checkpoint, bomb, etc.

Opening hours: Daily 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Musical Fountain “Constellation”

The fountain is unique in that instead of the traditional three colors, five are used in its lighting. Jet streams of water, spiraling and mixing, are capable of creating thirteen pictures that change every five minutes.
Work time: daily
Address: st. Michurina, 230

Lake Tavatuy

Tavatuy is a lake in the Sverdlovsk region, which is located on the eastern slopes of the Ural Mountains, 50 kilometers from Yekaterinburg. Translated literally from the Komi-Permian dialect “ta va tuy” means “this waterway”.
Today Tavatuy is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Urals and a favorite vacation spot for citizens. On its shore are the villages of Kalinovo, Tavatuy, Priozerny (old. Shamanika), as well as many children’s health camps and recreation centers. On the shores of the lake, many Ural poets, writers and artists drew inspiration. For example, the story “Krutenka Gorka” by Levian Chumichev, the author of “Tavatuysky Bylits”, is recognized as one of the forty-five best works of Russian literature of the 20th century.
Address: Sverdlovsk Region, Lake Tavatuy

Literary Quarter

In one place, just a couple of square meters, there are several literary museums, a theater and a printing house, as well as monuments, green spaces and benches. This quarter fully reproduces the city of the early 19th century. Here you can meet modern poets who are inspired by the energy of the geniuses of the century before last. The park hosts chamber music concerts, exhibitions and poetry evenings. Walking here, you can look into the existing forge, stable, carriage shed, museum of books and dolls, five literary museums, a well-groomed square with ancient lanterns and figured grates, as well as a chamber theater, a summer stage and gazebos located in the square.
Opening hours: daily, 10: 00–20: 00
Address: st. Pervomayskaya – st. Proletarian

Star Area

On the Ural “Star Square” laid stars with the names of honored artists. Here, of course, you will not find Hollywood celebrities: the authors of the project sought to perpetuate primarily the Urals.
Address: st. March 8, building 15


House of the Blacksmith Kirillov

The building is located near Yekaterinburg, in the small village of Kunara. The author of folk architecture is a simple smith Sergey Ivanovich Kirillov. Over the creation of his home, he worked tirelessly for more than 15 years. Patterned murals and traditional ornaments cover not only the house itself, but also the external fence, as well as the adjacent buildings. In the design of the house there is Orthodox symbolism, flowers, words from a song from the times of the USSR “Let there always be sunshine” and stars of the country of the Soviets. After the death of the blacksmith, the house began to decay. Paint was peeling on its facade, and a pioneer was knocked down from the roof during the wind. The 78-year-old mistress of the house (the widow of the blacksmith) Lidia Kharitonovna herself is no longer able to restore the house. And tourists could only take pictures and admire the skillful work. But at some point, the situation changed dramatically. They learned about the house in the Yekaterinburg Museum of the Nevyansk Icon. Thanks to their efforts, the building was repaired, and the pioneer was returned to its original place. Today, tourists from all over the world come to see the Kirillov House, many tour agencies offer to visit this miracle of naive architecture.
Address: Sverdlovsk Region, Kunara Village

Shartash Forest Park

Yekaterinburg is considered one of the greenest cities in the Urals and its neighboring regions. In the eastern part of the city is a picturesque object – “Stone Tents”. This is the exit to the surface of rocks, fancifully modified by water and wind over the millions of years of the existence of the Ural Mountains. Around the “Stone Tents” is located the Shartash Forest Park with an area of ​​777 hectares, named after the lake around which it is located. The fact that such a strikingly beautiful corner of nature is located within the city is a matter of pride for the people of Yekaterinburg. Lake Shartash is a favorite vacation spot of Yekaterinburg residents, especially in the warm season. On the territory of the forest park in different directions scattered paths along which lovers of outdoor activities walk, cyclists laid their routes. In winter, there is expanse for skiing. The visiting card of the Shartash Forest Park is the portal to the entrance to the green zone. It consists of two stone hemispheres with a passage between them. Here tourists like to be photographed.
Address: Yekaterinburg, Kirovsky District


Meteogorka is located on the left bank of Iset, and this is a great option for the first meeting with Yekaterinburg. In 2014, the Clean City program was held here, after which graffiti appeared on the walls – works of modern art from local artists. Since 1836, the meteorology station and the city observatory have been on the meteorological station. At the weather station, in addition to monitoring weather changes, work is underway to study the regime of rivers, as well as actinometric and aerological studies in the city and its environs.
Hours: daily, around the clock
Address: Yekaterinburg, st. People’s Will, d. 64

Monument to the Invisible Man

Perpetuate the Invisible Man in Yekaterinburg decided six years ago, in 1999. The writer, and now the deputy of the City Duma, Yevgeny Kasimov, did this almost in a dispute. Footprints of different sizes are visible on the bronze plate. The prints belong to the authors of the project – Yevgeny Kasimov himself and the artist Alexander Shaburov. The authors of the idea, perpetuating their feet, argue that their work tells not so much about the literary hero Herbert Wells, but about the tragedy of loneliness. This monument is about a world where people communicate without seeing each other. According to the project sponsor Nadezhda Tsypina, director of the Belinsky Regional Scientific Library, on the lawn of which there is a stove: “There is less and less material left in our life. We are much less likely to meet friends. We read real books much less often, practically do not write real, good letters. And this monument, like never before, reflects the essence of our time. ” The monument was completed in just one week. In summer, he hides in the grass, and in winter under the snow, thereby repeating the fate of his invisible hero.
Address: Yekaterinburg, st. Belinsky, d. 15

Fountain “Stone Flower”

The fountain’s pool, which has a perfect round shape, is lined with marble of a noble pink hue. The pedestal on which the sculptural composition rests is made on one of the stone Siberian quarries. Cast iron flower, which is the basis of the composition, was specially cast by the masters of Kamensk-Uralsky. Its petals are painted green. In the center of the flower, golden ears of wheat are earning, and at the very top is the core of the fountain sculpture, from which a tough stream of water beats, rising up several meters. The fountain is located opposite the administrative building, which used to be the regional committee of the CPSU, and this could not but bring a certain political coloring. Each large petal of the flower is decorated with alternating Soviet pentagonal stars and crossed sickle and hammer, which are a symbol of the unity of the working and peasant classes.
Address: Yekaterinburg, Labor Square

Monument to the Plumber Athos

The authors of the sculpture decided to draw the attention of ordinary people to the difficult life of plumbers. Next to the plumber on the manhole cover was originally an adjustable wrench, which eventually disappeared. In addition, attentive passers-by immediately noticed a portrait resemblance of everyone who loved Afoni to the hero of the film “Belorussky Station” Ivan Prikhodko, played by the legendary Evgeny Leonov. It is worth noting that Afonya became one of the most noticeable and beloved characters of the city of Yekaterinburg. Caring residents from time to time put a bottle of vodka in his hand – for work for the good of the city, of course.
Address: st. Siberian tract, d. 2/25

Golden Crater

Its fall took place in the framework of the project “Museum Night”. The townspeople witnessed the fall of the meteorite and received a unique opportunity to scan its pieces using a device specially designed for this purpose. After a scientific study of the crater, the crash site was mothballed. And later turned into an art object called the Golden Crater.
Address: st. Dobrolyubova, d.19a

House of Sevastyanov

Initially, the building was erected for the family of the mine surveyor I. Polkov, however, the mansion changed its owners several times, and it entered the history of the Urals as the House of Sevastyanov. In 1917, the revolutionary soldiers of the infantry regiment defeated everything that came to hand in the mansion. And a year later the Ural Commissariat of Labor was housed in the building; since then, for decades, the regional council of trade unions has been here. The inscription “House of Unions” hung on the facade of the rotunda, and the words “Glory to the working class” crowned the roof of the former mansion. The trade union organization was in the building until its restoration. As a result of restoration, the building was transformed not only outside but also inside, where expensive chandeliers, curtains and wooden furniture with carved elements hang in the middle of the decoration. The walls of the mansion are decorated with gilded bas-reliefs, ornament on the ceiling, and expensive parquet on the floor. The opening of the renovated building took place in the spring of 2009. Today in the house of Sevastyanov is a government residence, he was given the status of an architectural monument of federal significance.
Address: Yekaterinburg, pr. Lenin, d. 35

International Rock Garden

The garden exposition includes more than 50 stone formations from around the world. Each exhibit has a certificate and certain dimensions – at least one meter in length or width. The stones are placed on specially prepared sites in random order. The first exhibit was brought from Italy – serpentinite weighing more than four tons. In addition, stones from Mongolia, Uzbekistan, China, Kazakhstan, Denmark and Hungary are installed in the garden. At the grand opening of the garden in 2010 was attended by Ural geologists, the city administration and foreign consuls.
Address: Moscow highway, 17 km

Historical Square

The historical square acquired its modern look only on the eve of the 250th anniversary of the city, in 1973. It was then that the grand opening of the museum and memorial complex took place, in the preparation of which the most famous architects of the Soviet Union took part, such as N. S. Alferov, V. A. Piskunov, L. P. Vinokurova, G. I. Dubrovin, A. E. Korotkovsky, A.V. Ovechkin. The total area of ​​the square is eight hectares, on which the Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Blacksmithing are located, as well as here you can see local attractions – “Stone Garden”, a city dam, an old water tower.
Address: Yekaterinburg, st. M. Gorky, house 4a

House of the Merchant Zheleznov

The merchant of the second guild, the gold miner and philanthropist Alexei Zheleznov acquired the estate in 1905. It was simply impossible not to fall in love with an unusual red brick building, folded in the mood of the Russian tower, with a beautiful garden in which a marvelous marble fountain was located! The philanthropist settled here with his wife Maria and four children, but the serene family happiness did not last long: in 1914, the wife suddenly dies, and heartbroken Alex decides to never marry again. However, the troubles of the Zheleznov family did not end there: during the civil war, the merchant, together with the children, joins the White Army and leaves for Siberia, after which their traces are lost in Tomsk … Despite the absence of owners, the city authorities did not forget about the house of the merchant Zheleznov. After the October Revolution, anarchist’s apartment was located in its walls, then a boarding school was organized for disabled children, and during the Great Patriotic War, the P.K. Sternberg Astronomical Institute transported from Moscow was located here.
Address: st. Roses Luxembourg, d. 56.