SEC “MoreMall”

Novaya Zarya, 7

Shopping and entertainment center “MoreMall” is one of the largest centers in Sochi. On an area of ​​almost 170,000 square meters. meters are hundreds of shops, dozens of cafes and restaurants, entertainment areas, beauty salons, dry cleaners, a ticket office “Kassir.ru”, gift shops, ATMs, payment terminals and much more.

Operation Mode: Daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Sun City Shopping Center

Severnaya, 6

The shopping center is located in the very center of Sochi. The shopping center is conveniently located at the intersection of two central streets of the city – Gorky and Severnaya. You can easily get to the SUN CITY shopping center from any part of the city, because there are railway and bus stations near the complex, as well as several public transport stops through which most of the routes connecting it with the rest of the city pass. Prices in cafes and shops are affordable, which makes it a popular destination for residents and visitors.

Operation Mode: Daily from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

SEC “Mandarin”
  1. Bestuzheva, 1/1, Adler microdistrict,

SEC “Mandarin” is located in the Adler microdistrict of the city of Sochi right on the Black Sea in the place where the mouth of the Mzymta River is located. SEC “Mandarin”, opened in November 2014, is an open-air mall with magnificent views of the sea, which is unique in its kind not only in Adler, but throughout Russia.

Operation Mode: Daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Sochi Central Market
  1. Moskovskaya, 22

Sochi Central Market is perhaps the best place in the resort city, where traditions, tastes, color and a special atmosphere are concentrated. Here you can buy natural farm products that are not available in supermarket shops, typical Caucasian delicacies, incredible sets of fragrant spices and, of course, souvenirs for yourself, relatives, friends and colleagues.

Operation Mode: In summer – Mon 7:00 am-3:00 pm; Tue – Sun 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

In winter Mon 8:00 am-2:00 pm; Tue – Sun 8:00 am – 6:00 pm


Promenad is the best family restaurant in the very center of Sochi, where perfection of forms and impeccable taste merge together. The Promenade restaurant will undoubtedly conquer even gourmets. The gastronomic direction of the restaurant is a mix of the most popular international cuisines. We have: Russian, Japanese, Mediterranean, European and Caucasian cuisines.
The classic interior of the halls, subdued light and pleasant music, combined with excellent service, have a rest and allow you to enjoy the best varieties of wines and a varied cuisine in Sochi.
Opening hours: daily, 10: 00–2: 00
Address: st. Vorovskogo, 3, microdistrict Central, Sochi



A lot (films, books, music) is born from the image. If you try to find the very image for “Quiet”, it will be such afternoon time in a pleasant company with an equally pleasant conversation and a glass of quiet (that’s the name, so don’t look for a missing hyphen). An eclectic interior is smoothly laid on all this, which, like a patchwork quilt, consists of many catching elements: a massive wooden table in the center of the hall, a pink retrobuffet with 150 years of history, a panel of living moss, a wall with painted parrots, a separate wine room. It is amazing how all this is stacked on top of each other, forming a whole story.
Opening hours: daily, 12: 00–1: 00
Address: Sovetskaya St., 40, Central microdistrict, Sochi


Spectacular and aristocratic panoramic restaurant “Prestige”, located on the first coastline in Sochi, on the picturesque Black Sea coast, attracts with a combination of comfort and luxury. Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail and everyone who comes to Prestige to comfortably retire alone or with a company of active like-minded people will find here exactly what he needs. Pleasant atmosphere, delicious food – the restaurant welcomes its guests warmly and hospitablely, it is always welcome to old friends and those who came to Prestige for the first time …
Since Sochi is a seaside city, the menu has many dishes of European (Mediterranean) cuisine. There is also something that is especially appreciated by visitors – delicious and fragrant home cuisine and spicy, vibrant – Caucasian.
Hours: daily, around the clock
Address: st. Enlightenment, 163, Adler, Sochi

Restaurant “Olivier”

The restaurant of family recipes “Olivier” is located in the heart of the resort of Sochi. A place with an unusual atmosphere: cozy, warm and somewhat romantic. The Olivier environment is conducive to leisurely relaxation, tranquility and the enjoyment of home cooking. Being here you will be warm and sincere, as if visiting close friends.
The chef and his team have only the best and most successful copyright recipes. You will be offered insanely delicious dishes of Italian, Russian, French and Mediterranean cuisines – each guest will find a treat to their taste. Daily – only fresh desserts, cookies and homemade sweets. The most delicious brunch, homemade dinners, family dinners and of course 5 types of Olivier salad. In such a cozy corner of the urban cycle, every guest is welcome!
Opening hours: daily, 11: 00–0: 00
Address: st. Roses, 52, microdistrict Central, Sochi (ground floor)

«The Amsterdam»

TheAmsterdam Restaurant at Tulip Inn Rosa Khutor offers guests not only to taste European and Dutch cuisine, but also to enjoy the company of friends and relatives in a cozy atmosphere. Arched windows overlook the embankment of the Mzymta River and the Aibga Range.
In the morning, a buffet breakfast is served in the restaurant, where everyone can choose dishes to their taste, from hearty to dietary. Relaxed music, friendly staff, simple and comfortable furnishings, flowers and furnishings related to Holland give a sense of ownership in old Europe.
working hours: Sun – Sat 7:00 – 23:00
Address: Panorama Embankment, 2H8591

Red Buffet

This restaurant is famous for its international cuisine. Here you can order delicious hamburgers, pizza and salads. The Red Buffet serves good cheesecakes, compote and pancake cake. Many guests of this place recommend a good beer. Be sure to visit this place if you want to try a delicious cappuccino, tea or compote.
This restaurant has a cozy atmosphere. Many visitors indicate that the staff at the Red Buffet is helpful. According to customer reviews, the service here is amazing. At this place attractive prices. According to customer reviews, this place has an excellent interior. Guests rated this restaurant 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor.
Opening hours: Sun – Sat 8:00 – 23:00
Address: st. Young Lenintsev, 10/2, Sochi 354000, Russia

Restaurant “Che? Kharcho!”

“What? Kharcho ”- a family restaurant of the Black Sea cuisine, a popular project WhiteRabbitFamily.
One of the two restaurants is located on the territory of the Rosa Khutor resort near the cable car: “What? Kharcho! ”In Krasnaya Polyana awaits guests all year round.
The menu includes democratic, but very tasty dishes made from local products. Everyone will find in “What? Kharcho! ”Dishes to taste: juicy khinkali, fragrant Adjarian khachapuri and the right kebab, rich soups and tender cutlets, always fresh desserts.
Opening hours: Sun – Sat 11:00 – 23:00

Address: st. Olympic, 35 | Rosa Khutor, Esto-Sadok, Sochi, Russia

Eat well

“Eat Well” is not just a restaurant, it is a culinary space where people eat deliciously, meet at lunch and discuss business, rush to breakfast here and come with their families for dinner.
Eat Well Restaurant offers a menu for every taste: more than two hundred names of popular dishes, so every day your meal will not be like the previous one.
I want to come here in the evening or on a weekend, so that I can spend time without hindrance with my closest people. “Eat Well” will appeal to all those who value moments of family happiness, tranquility and comfort.
The secret to the success of the restaurant is three principles: tasty, cozy, democratic!
Opening hours: Sun – Sat 7:00 – 0:00
Address: st. Embankment Polyanka 4, Sochi 354392, Russia.


Here you can enjoy wonderful dishes prepared in local culinary traditions, as well as delicious drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
They will pleasantly impress and complement the meal with the cozy atmosphere of the establishment of wine from the collection “Treasures of the Wine Cellar”.
Opening hours: Sun – Sat 12:00 – 22:30
Address: 11a Ordzhonikidze Street, Sochi 354000, Russia


Back to USSR. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with a very interesting and attractive part of the culture of our great country. Café-Stack “Mustard” is a cozy place that will return you to the good old days of the Soviet Union. Everything from the interior to the food is strictly designed in the Soviet style. Home cooking will take you into the atmosphere of warmth and comfort. On the menu are olivier salads, herring under a fur coat, aspic, pasties and dumplings, familiar from childhood. And hand-made dumplings with marbled beef, farm lamb or turkey will surprise even sophisticated guests. At the same time, the creators did not forget about a pleasant advantage – an affordable price.
Opening hours: Sun – Sat 9:00 – 0:00
Address: 3 Gornaya Karusel St., Esto-Sadok, Sochi 354392, Russia



New Year’s Day 1 January

Russian Orthodox Christmas Day 7 January

Defender of the Fatherland Day 23 February

International Women’s Day 8 March

International Labour Day/Spring Festival 1 May

Victory Day 9 May

Russian Independence Day 12 June

Unity Day 4 November

Bar London
  1. Nesebar, 6. 

Tourists love this place for many reasons:

  • Stylish interior;
  • Themed parties
  • Musical diversity;
  • Delicious cocktails and fine wines on the bar menu;
  • Original weekend shows.

Club Malibu
  1. Seaside, 3-in.

The guests of the place love him for:

  • Various thematic programs;
  • Frequent change of interior. Even regular visitors come here every week, like in a new club.
  • Foam parties;
  • Great space for relaxation: two tiers with four cocktail bars; soft, japanese and vip areas.

Club “Juan Ivanitch”
  1. Egorova, 2

What “Juan Ivanovich” attracts visitors:

  • Reckless atmosphere;
  • Original contests;
  • Positive music;
  • Restless leaders;
  • Fast enough service.
“Abba bar”
  1. Egorova, 1a

What they love “Abba bar” for:

  • For telephones installed on each table and facilitating the process of acquaintance with bar visitors;
  • For an interesting decor that has gathered details of many famous night clubs;
  • For delicious pastry establishments;
  • For the opportunity to enjoy your favorite music.

Club FeRoom

Kurortny prospekt, 75

What attracts visitors:

  • Delicious dishes of European and Japanese cuisines;
  • Unusual stylish interior;
  • VIP events;
  • Great music, in tune with the rhythm of the movement of the sea waves.

Cathedral of the Archangel Michael
  1. Moskvina, 12

Cathedral of the Archangel Michael is the main Orthodox church in Sochi and the first built on the territory of the Black Sea District (1866–88). It was erected to commemorate the end of the Caucasian War (1817-1864) at the direct direction of the last governor of the Caucasus, Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich Romanov. The reason for this decision is associated with his trip to these parts in the spring of 1871.

Opening hours: daily from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm


Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Shevchenko St., 1, Lazarevskoye,

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (sometimes called the Nativity of the Theotokos Church) is an Orthodox church located in the Lazarevskoye micro-district of Greater Sochi, Krasnodar Territory. The temple is located in the central part of the village and is one of the most important spiritual and cultural attractions of these places.

Opening hours: In summer: daily 8:00 am-8:00 pm; in winter: daily 8:00 am-7:00 pm

Holy Trinity Church
  1. Kirova d.22-a, Adler

Holy Trinity Church (Church of the Holy Trinity) was erected in the center of Adler; despite this fact, the place is calm and quiet. Its construction and consecration were completed on May 31, 1998 in the former territory of the Temple of the Descent of the Holy Spirit. It also acts as a historical and landscape protected place on which the village of Adler was founded, and a historically memorable place where Fort Adler was founded in 1837.

Opening hours: daily from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Church of the Transfiguration in Khost
  1. Shosseynaya, 9th,

The Orthodox Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord is located in the micro-district of the Host of the city of Sochi near the Museum of History and the  Park of Culture and Rest of the Khostinsky District. This is one of the most ancient Orthodox churches in Greater Sochi. The Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord is built on a hill and is visible from many corners of the Hosta. And its interior is able to accommodate up to 200 people at a time.

Opening hours: daily from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm

Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in Dagomys

Armavirskaya St., 141/4, Dagomys

The Temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in Sochi is the most important spiritual and cultural attraction of the region. This is a young and cozy two-story temple with its calm and pleasant atmosphere. Once in his possession, you will be pleasantly surprised at the improvement of the territory, as well as the large amount of greenery in which the temple is buried. The temple is located on a hill, due to which it offers a beautiful view of a cozy neighborhood and the sea. Despite the fact that the temple was built recently, it has ancient icons, which at one time were transferred to Sochi customs. This is the ancient Jerusalem icon of the holy martyrs Alexandra, Irina and Agapia, as well as an icon with a particle of the holy power of the Monk Peter of Athos.

Opening hours: daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Museum Center in Olympic Park

Olympic Park, ul. International, 6

The Sochi Museum Center is located in the Olympic Park. It opened in June 2017, combining most of the permanent exhibits and exhibitions of the Sochi Museum.

Electrical Museum of Nikola Tesla

The Tesla Museum is an interactive exhibition-show includes an animation clip about the great scientist with a demonstration of his achievements and experiences with electricity. The video is a fascinating visual story about myths and truth in the life of Nikola Tesla. Many phenomena are attributed to the Serbian scientist – from the fall of the Tunguska meteorite to the invention of the death rays. Visitors will find out whether he invented a time machine and a wireless way to transmit electricity. After the video, the audience is waiting for the Tesla show with the participation of the stunt mage Megavolt the Lord of Lightning. The show is a scientific and entertaining performance with lightning and the participation of the most courageous spectators in the “Cage of Fear” test.

Opening hours: Sessions are held every hour from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

Ticket office is open daily 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Museum of the USSR

The exposition includes more than 5000 exhibits demonstrating the historical path that our country has traveled in the 20th century. The exhibition reproduces Soviet workplaces, store shelves, interiors of Soviet apartments and school classes. The exposition of the museum is constantly replenished – the inhabitants of Sochi bring household items of Soviet life, antique clothes and toys.

Opening hours: Daily from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm


Mechanical Museum of Leonardo da Vinci

In an entertaining game form, visitors get acquainted with the achievements and inventions of the legendary da Vinci, who was both a scientist, artist, philosopher, sculptor and mechanic. Many exhibits are active, they are reproduced according to the sketches of Leonardo da Vinci or the successors of his work. Among the subjects of the exhibition: catapults and crossbows, a perpetual motion version, a glider and trebuchet. Young visitors (and many adults too) are delighted by the fact that all inventions can be touched and experienced.

Opening hours: Daily from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Ticket office close 1 hour earlier

Museum of the history of Sochi
  1. Vorovskogo, 54/11

The museum has several rooms of various subjects. Their content includes historical and cultural exhibits, as well as expositions concerning the nature of the region.

On a tour of the museum you can get acquainted with such halls as: “Archaeological sites of the Sochi region”; “The Sochi Foundation”; “Migration movement from Sochi district”; “Resort development, culture of Sochi”; “Sochi during the period of three revolutions and civil war”; “Sochi during the years of reconstruction of the resort”; “Sochi-city-hospital”; “Sochi in the period 1946 – 1990”; “Cosmonauts in Sochi”; “Recreational resources of the resort”; “Nature of the Western Caucasus”; “Life of the Black Sea”.

Opening hours: September-May: Tue-Sun from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm; Mon – closed

June – August: Daily from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm

Museum of sports and classic cars in Sochi

Triumfalny passage, 26

The main museum collection includes racing cars of different years of production (period 1930–90). 79 exemplary cars are exhibited here, which once raced at a frantic speed along the most popular sports highways and auto tracks of the world. Visitors can personally see the chic Lamborghini and Ferrari, Jaguars and Dodge Viper, Chevrolet and Lincoln, Cadillacs and other rarities.

Opening hours: October-April: Daily from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

May – September: Daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm


Museum of Sports Glory of Sochi

Sovetskaya, 26a

The museum displays exhibits related to the sports achievements of famous Sochi residents, including volleyball and skiers, yachtsmen and tennis players, bobsledders and swimmers. The exhibits include personal items, photographs, sports equipment and detailed biographies of those who glorified Sochi with their achievements throughout the world.

Opening hours: September-May: Tue-Sun from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm; Mon – closed

June – August: Daily from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Sochi Auto Museum

Fan House, st. International, 12

Sochi Auto Museum is one of the largest Soviet-era car museums in Russia. The museum presents a unique collection of Soviet retro cars: in total over 100 exhibits, the date of production of models is the 1930-1990s. The collection of the car museum includes: the legendary Seagulls of high-ranking officials of the state, Volga, Zaporozhets and Moskvichs, ZIS-110 (the fastest Soviet car of the 1940-1950s), the first car made by personal order Stalin and other models that can now be seen except in old films and photographs.

Opening hours: September-May: Tue-Sun from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm; Mon – closed

June – August: Daily from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Grandma’s house in Sochi

Progress village, Zapadniy lane, 12

Grandma’s Hut is a small private museum located in the village of Progress, about 20 km from the city of Sochi. The hut is the family nest of the founder of the museum, Roman Veslovsky, in memory of his grandmother, he decided to restore the house and the atmosphere in it. In addition to the museum, the founder contains a family winery, in which everyone can taste different types of wine and purchase the products they are interested in. Visitors can also try organic honey from their own apiary.

Operation Mode: Visit by appointment


Winter Theater in Sochi
  1. Theater, 2

Winter Theater is located in the heart of Sochi, very close to the Black Sea. It has long been one of the main attractions of the city. Every year, the theater walls receive more than 500 thousand visitors. The Winter Theater is part of the Sochi Concert Philharmonic Association. The theater building is located Sochi State Philharmonic. The Winter Theater received its international fame thanks to the events held here: the Kinotavr Film Festival; The music festival “CRESCENDO” by Denis Matsuev and the Winter Art Festival of Yuri Bashmet. In addition, more than seven hundred performances take place in the theater every year. The repertoire includes musical concerts, ballet and opera productions, drama performances.


Summer Theater in Sochi

Park im.Frunze, st. Black Sea, Building 11

The Summer Theater in Sochi is located in the beautiful seaside park named after Frunze, one of the oldest parks in Sochi, located in the Khostinsky district of the city. The area near the theater is decorated with a large flower bed with roses. Among the flowers are sculptures of composers Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov and Glinka. Straight from the theater building begins the descent to the sea along a wide staircase surrounded by date palms. Concerts or evenings of humor are held all year round in the theater, pop and classical vocals and jazz sound on the renewed stage.


Green Theater

Park Riviera, Egorova, 1

The Green Theater is one of the biggest tour scenes of the city of Sochi, it is inferior only to “Festival” . The building is at the same time a cinema and a concert hall without a roof, it is located on the territory of the Riviera amusement park . The place was built in 1959 and has been repeatedly renovated. In the warm season (from May to September), the stage of the theater becomes the scene of creative festivals, you can also see performances by pop performers, and Russian satirists are among the most frequent guests at the Green Theater, with a huge audience. Recently, you can regularly see rock musicians and chanson performers here.


Concert Hall “Festival”

Ordzhonikidze Street, 5

The main “trump card” of a unique concert venue is, of course, its location in the open air. You can enjoy the music of your favorite performers surrounded by rich southern vegetation, feel the breath of the sea breeze and catch the reflections of the setting star. The Festivalny Concert Hall is located on the central promenade of Sochi, that is, right in the heart of the resort. The hall is rather capacious, 2500 spectators can comfortably accommodate here. Since the evening trip to the concert is a good addition to a beach holiday. The concert hall is open all summer season, however, due to clear weather reasons, it does not function during the cool season. During the season, there are many bands and performers representing various genres, ranging from popular performers and symphony orchestras, to ethnic ensembles of songs and dances.


Southern Film and Music Festivals

The summer season opens the most famous film festival – “Kinotavr”. Since June 1989, Russian and foreign directors have brought their work to Sochi, talented actors have come. The best paintings receive prizes in 9 categories.

The next major summer festival is music. It is called “Summer is a small life” and has been held since 2009. Here you can listen to author’s music and take with you children for whom special programs are intended.

In August, the Black Sea jazz festival closes the summer program, but it is not held every year in Sochi. It is held in different cities on the Black Sea coast in the Krasnodar Territory, and jazz musicians come from all over the country.

In early January, in Sochi, you can look at the festival of children’s creativity “Hope of Europe”, many of its participants can easily become stars in the world of music and dance.

Dance events

Fans of various dance styles should look at the following events held in Sochi the largest Russian ballroom dance festival “Pearl of Russia” in early June

sports dance fans will love Vivat Russia in mid-June. The Brazilian Carnival of the South Seaside is constantly held at the Vegas Entertainment Center.

Fashion and Beauty Festivals

Fans of stylish clothes often combine relaxation in a fashionable resort with a visit to one of the following festivals:

“Sochi Fashion Week” – 5 days of fashion shows of the best Russian designers in mid-October;

“Miss Sochi” is one of the first beauty contests held in the USSR, every August gathering more and more people who want to see southern beauties;

the festival “Velvet Seasons”, the main prize of which is called the “Golden Spindle” and is considered the most prestigious award in the domestic world of fashion.

Youth Festivals

A special place is occupied by festivals held especially for young, creative and energetic Russians. These include:

Victory Coast is an event for young talents, covering all spheres of creativity (theater, vocals and choreography, painting and the original genre).
In 2017, the Sochi on Rosa Khutor hosts the World Festival of Youth and Students, which brought together 20 thousand participants from 150 countries of the world. Here, creative, socially active, competent young people in engineering and computer industries gather.
In summer, original creative youth are expected at the festival “Juicy Summer” in mid-July.

Famous among hip-hop fans, the Battle of Two Capitals festival also takes place in Sochi at different times of the year.

In the summer, for those who want to plunge into the romantic atmosphere on the Riviera beach, they hold the “Festival of water lanterns.”



Sochi Park

Adlersky district, Imeretinskaya lowland, Olympic Avenue, 21

Sochi Park is the first theme park in the country. For four consecutive years, he confirms the title of the first and best open-air amusement park in the country and the CIS with the number of visitors over a million people a year, and in 2016 he entered the top 25 best parks in Europe.   On an area of ​​25 hectares in Sochi Park, there are 20 new modern attractions and the Bogatyr hotel-castle. The theme park has plenty of fun for visitors of all ages. It is interesting for all guests to attend a performance in a dolphinarium, watch a show, go through a quest or a master class. For the smallest in the park there is a corner with rocking rides. For older children – children’s and family attractions, where you can ride on your own or with your parents, the Cosmic Jungle rope park, a water development site in the Eco Village, science shows and an outdoor game lab. And teenagers and adults will enjoy unique extreme attractions.

Sochi Park implements a convenient for visitors concept of a single entrance ticket. A full day of stay in the park, an unlimited number of rental rides on the attractions, master classes, playgrounds, a dolphinarium and a variety of shows – all this the guest receives for the price of one ticket.

Opening Hours: in August park open from 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Adler Dolphinarium

  1. 219/2 Lenina

The Adler dolphinarium “Aquatoria” was opened in 1998 and since then has been very popular among vacationers in Adler and tourists who have stayed in neighboring areas. The dolphinarium hall includes nine spectator sectors, seats up to a thousand people. In the center is a pool-arena with a depth of 6 meters. Bottlenose dolphins (cheerful Chacha and Rada), sea lion (artist Masha), beluga whales (Stepan and Piglet) perform in regular shows at the Adler Dolphinarium. The show program is organized at the highest level and will be interesting not only to children, but also to the adult audience. The part where dolphins perform is the longest. Local talents show the ability to sing, dance, perform acrobatic numbers. They also have other amazing abilities, because they are creatures with a highly developed intellect, and besides, they are distinguished by good learning ability. Dolphins are able to amaze spectators, they masterfully and funny play with the ball, jump high and synchronously, draw pictures, play counters and that is not all that they are capable of.

Opening Hours: Performances are held from Tuesday to Sunday at 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm; 6:00 pm

SkyPark AJ Hackett Sochi

  1. Krasnoflotskaya, s. Cossack ford,

Skypark is the first and so far the only adventure park in Russia at the height. Similar sites also exist in Australia, Singapore, China, France, Germany. The ideological inspirer and founder was extreme Alan Hackett, better known as AJ Hackett. The complex is located 17 km from Adler Train Station towards Krasnaya Polyana. The official opening of the adrenaline amusement park took place in June 2014.

The Sochi complex is distinguished by the fact that here, in the Akhshtyr Gorge, there is the longest suspended pedestrian bridge SkyBridge on the planet, designed according to the original design.

The price includes: parking, access to the park (one-time), unlimited walks on Skybridge, access to all viewing platforms, including the Bungy platform for 207 m.

The park presents such attractions:

  • BUNGY 207 is a bungee jump from a height of 207 meters from a platform located in the middle of the Skybridge Bridge, which is one of the longest pedestrian suspension bridges in the world.
  • BUNGY 69 is a jump from a height of 69 meters from a special platform, which is located at the beginning of the Skybridge Bridge. The platform is designed to perform more than 10 different jumps with an elastic rope – from classic upside down to the most incredible with a bicycle and other equipment.
  • ZipLineis a breathtaking flight at an altitude of more than 200 meters from one side of the gorge to the other under the influence of gravity. A leisurely descent without free fall and magnificent views will allow you to fully enjoy the beauty and unique grace of the Akhshtyr Gorge from a bird’s eye view.
  • Feel like a soaring bird over the Akhshtyrsky Gorge and see the beauty of the Sochi National Park at the high-altitude attraction Skypark MegaTroll – the fastest troll in the world, which can reach speeds of up to 120 km / h!
  • SochiSwing – the highest swing in the world! The height of the swing arm reaches 170 meters, free fall – 4 seconds. An incredible pendulum flight over the gorge takes place from the platform at the beginning of the suspension part of the Skybridge Bridge. A swing will accelerate you to near space speed.
  • SkySwing is the most affordable free fall attraction in Skypark. Classic rope jumping, jump with a dynamic rope 50 meters long. Unlike bungee jumping, it has a pendulum flight. The SkySwing flight path runs along an arc, like on SochiSwing, but the operator does not start you on SkySwing, you will have to step into the abyss from the platform in the middle of the bridge yourself.
  • Mowgli is a rope park with a perfectly thought-out security system. Fastened at the beginning of the route, you in any case remain on insurance until the very exit.
  • Route Via ferrata No. 1 leads to a small but very beautiful cave located in the rocky wall of the left bank of the Mzymta River of the Akhshtyr Gorge. The route has two parts: a smoothly descending, almost horizontal, and a vertical “difficult” part, equipped with steps so as not to cause unnecessary difficulties during movement. Numerous vines hanging from the cliff, and an unusual relief hide the main part of the route from the hot sun to 4 hours of the day. The coolness of the cave allows you to relax from the heat in the summer.
  • The height of the climbing wall is 15 meters. It is designed for speed competitions in a record format. Installation work was carried out by the French company Entre-Prises. The main feature of a competitive climbing wall is the ability to fix a world record.

Waterpark “AquaLoo”

  1. Decembrists 78B, Loo,

This is the only water park on the Black Sea coast, which operates all year round, and the pools are filled with warm sea water. In the summer season, it is very popular among vacationers in neighboring resorts – Lazarevsky, Adler, Krasnaya Polyana. A monthly water park is visited by 35,000 people.

The area of ​​the water park is 2 hectares. It has 20 water slides of various difficulty levels and 8 pools.

The water park includes an open summer part, operating from May to September, and a closed one, which operates year-round. Each part of the water park offers visitors fascinating attractions and entertainment. In the open part of the water park there are the most extreme slopes and a wave pool, play complexes for children and recreation areas. The closed part includes no less fascinating slopes, 3 pools with waterfalls and a spa complex.

The food court of the water park is represented by bars and cafes with a buffet system, lunch in which is included in the ticket price.

Operation Mode:

Daily, from 10:00 to 23:00.

Technical break from 19:00 to 20:00.

Water park “Amphibius”

Lenin, 219 / 2d

Water Park “Amphibius” in Adler is the whole water world, located on the Black Sea, and is one of the largest water-entertainment complexes in the Black Sea resorts. The water park area is more than 2 hectares. Water Park “Amphibius” has incorporated the most popular attractions, among which each visitor will be able to find entertainment in their mood. The food court of the water park is represented by a grill bar, a children’s cafe with a special menu and a pizzeria, where you can have a tasty snack and dine. There are also tents with ice cream and drinks.

Operation Mode:

Daily, from 10:00 to 23:00.

Technical break from 19:00 to 20:00.

Operation Mode

From June to September: daily, from 10:00 to 18:00.

Trampoline center “Crazy Hall” in Sochi

Transport Street, 28

“Crazy Hall” is a trampoline center in Sochi. This trampoline arena is located in the Olimp shopping center, and it consists of giant platforms equipped with various obstacles and trampoline attractions. Here, each visitor has a great opportunity to have fun, assess their physical abilities and just have a good time with friends. In addition to standard sessions with trampolining, the Crazy Hall Trampoline Center hosts various events as well as sports, such as trampoline fitness.

Dinoclub – the world of dinosaurs

  1. International, 12

Dinoklub in Sochi is an interactive park of robotic dinosaurs offering an excursion into the Mesozoic era. You will meet 25 “growling” exhibits and watch an informative 3D film about the origin of life on Earth. Great for families with children.

Operation Mode: Daily, from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Sochi train station

The three-story building of the station has 3 alternating courtyards and a high-rise tower (55 m). The station complex also included 3 reinforced concrete platforms with a total length of 1080 m, a passenger tunnel with 4 exits, and a boiler room. The station building, together with the luggage compartment, built in 1956, covers an area of 0.6 hectares.
Address: st. Gorky, 56, microdistrict Central, Sochi


Station Memorial Complex

The memorial memorial complex is a monument to the Sochi fighters who died in battles during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. It has citywide significance.
Commemorative plaques with the names of warriors are located in a semicircle. In the center is the Eternal Flame. This is the burial place of more than 2000 soldiers of the Soviet Army who died in serious hospitals in Sochi.
Hours: daily, around the clock
Address: Russia, Krasnodar Territory, Sochi, Zavokzalny District

Sochi Commercial Sea Port

Sochi Commercial Sea Port is a seaport whose main focus is sea passenger transportation.
A popular place for walking and relaxing. This is a monument of architecture of federal significance and a symbolic place of the resort. His image can often be found in photographs and souvenirs. Local residents are proud of him and tourists like to visit. Here you can ride on a yacht, boat, boat or just enjoy the beautiful panoramas, architecture.
Sochi Sea Port is the largest passenger port on the Black Sea. It was created in 1937 by order of the USSR Water Transport Commissariat. The construction of the marine station complex begins in 1955. Architects – Karo Semenovich Alabyan and Leonid Borisovich Karlik. Style – Stalin’s Empire Style. In its decoration used expensive materials. The building is tastefully decorated with stucco and mosaic.
At different times of the year, ships are moored in the harbor – pleasure yachts and boats, luxury yachts and cruise ships. Only 15 berths, the total length of about 1.5 kilometers.
On the territory there is a park in which subtropical plants grow: palm trees, oleander, yew, agave, boxwood … Rose gardens are planted. In the center of the evergreen composition is a fountain with a 7 meter bowl, in the center of which is a graceful sculpture of a woman – the personification of Navigation. In one hand, she has a lotion and a small boat, and the other woman is trying to stop the excitement of the sea, wishing sailors a calm, successful sailing.
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 9: 00-18: 00, break 13: 00-13: 48; Fri 9: 00-17: 00, break 13: 00-13: 48
Address: st. Voikova, 1, microdistrict Central, Sochi (floor 3)

Sochi Arboretum

Sochi Arboretum – a unique collection of subtropical flora and fauna, a monument of landscape gardening art in the Khostinsky district of Sochi, Krasnodar Territory, Russia.

The Arboretum park is rightfully considered one of the iconic places of the city of Sochi, it is often called the “green heart of the resort”, which is completely justified.

An area of ​​46.4 hectares contains trees and shrubs brought from all over the world. To date, the park’s live collection has more than 1800 species and forms, including 66 of them – oaks, 74 – pines, 54 – palm trees and a huge number of rare exotics.
Address: Kurortny prospekt, 74, Sochi
Opening hours: daily, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Singing Fountains

Singing fountains in Sochi is a sight that every visitor to the city should see. This is a set of watercourses from which water comes out under high pressure. The jets change their height and pressure in accordance with the sounding melody, as well as highlighted with colorful lights. The light and music performance makes an indelible impression with the unique performance of hits of the modern music industry and timeless classical music.
Opening hours: Winter 18:00 – 19:00
Spring 19:00 – 20:00
Summer 20:30 – 21:30
Fall 19:00 – 20:30
Address: Adler r, Sochi, the Imperial Lowland, Olympic Park

33 waterfalls

Gorge 33 Falls is a very interesting attraction, it is characterized by picturesque landscapes and magnificent views. Located in the Lazarevsky district of the Sochi region. Picturesque waterfalls and rapids flow in a boxwood thicket, on the trunks of trees visible moss thickets resembling a fairy forest. Sochi 33 waterfalls is a series of several waterfalls formed from the Dzhegosh stream, which is a tributary of the Shahe river. The attraction belongs to the national park and is protected by law.
Address: Krasnodar Territory, 354202

Matsesta sculpture

In Sochi and the surrounding area there are many interesting and very beautiful places. One of them is the Sochi microdistrict of Matsesta, known worldwide for its healing hydrogen sulfide springs and health resorts built on their basis. The main attraction of the resort of Matsesta is a sculptural composition depicting a young girl personifying this area.
In Sochi and the surrounding area there are many interesting and very beautiful places. One of them is the Sochi microdistrict of Matsesta, known worldwide for its healing hydrogen sulfide springs and health resorts built on their basis. The main attraction of the resort of Matsesta is a sculptural composition depicting a young girl personifying this area.
Address: The monument is located at the intersection of Kurortny Prospekt and Cheltenham Avenue.

Mount Akhun

Mount Akhun is the highest mountain in Sochi, located in close proximity to the sea (But not the highest mountain in the city of Sochi). At the very top of the mountain is an observation tower, built by order of Stalin. Akhun is 5 kilometers long and 663 meters high. The mountain is located between two gorges – Agursky and the gorge of the Khosta river. The northern part of Akhuna is washed by a small river with the funny name Agurchik (a tributary of the Agura). On the slope of Akhuna there is a Yew-boxwood grove, which is part of the Sochi nature reserve.
Mountain Akhun has two peaks: large, main and Small Akhun, whose height is 501 meters. On the territory of the mountain there are more than 30 caves. The largest – 384 meters in length, called the Big Akhun cave.
Opening hours: daily, 10: 00–21: 00
Address: Russia, Krasnodar Territory, Sochi, Maly Akhun


Dolmens of Greater Sochi

Dolmens are structures made of monolithic stone slabs weighing several tons. According to scientists, about 200 such structures have been preserved in Sochi. Dolmens are especially common in Krasnaya Polyana and in the Lazarevsky district. To see them, you can, for example, go to the Ashe river valley, where there are three Kapigge dolmens. In Shkhafit aul, a dolmen stands in the courtyard of a private house, where access for tourists is open at any time of the year. A unique monolithic dolmen, one and a half meters high, is located near the village of Volkonka. In the center of Sochi, you can see dolmens in the courtyard of the Historical Museum.
Address: Krasnaya Polyana


Agursky waterfalls

Agursky waterfalls are one of the most popular and concurrently beautiful places in Sochi. Going to the waterfalls is a very simple route, and the gorge of the Agura River is connected to another wonderful place in Sochi – the Eagle Rocks. This is one of the places in Sochi that is definitely worth a visit. In total there are 3 large waterfalls from 21 to 30 meters and one small.
Hours: daily, around the clock
Address: st. Agursky Gorge, 1, Sochi
Trout Farm
The federal state unitary enterprise located in the village of Kazachy Brod, Adler district of Sochi. It was founded in 1964 for research and reproduction of one of the most delicious fish species – trout. One type of farmed trout is rainbow trout. The plant is the largest producer in Russia, one of the largest in Europe.
Opening hours: daily, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Address: Russia, Krasnodar Territory, A-149, 12th kilometer


The coastal part of Sochi with the climate is very lucky, it is located in the zone of humid subtropics. The resort city covers the southern slopes of the Caucasus, from the coast of the Black Sea to the peaks of the Main Caucasus Range.

The best season for holidays in Sochi is any season!

In general, in Sochi, almost always pleasant weather due to the proximity of the sea – it invigorates and refreshes – and the mountains that stop the cold winds.

Summer is long here, from the beginning of May to the end of October it is traditionally warm and comfortable.

The seasonal “winter” that we are used to is rather a cool autumn-spring period, the weather may well please us with a temperature of +15 ° C and sunshine. Frosts here are extremely rare, but if you miss the snow, you can always go to the mountains!

Monthly weather in Sochi
during the day, ° C
at night, ° C

Water temperature , ° C
The amount
of precipitation, mm
January 8 2 9 185
February 9 2 8 117
March 11 4 8 116
April 15 8 10 113
May 18 12 15 90
June 23 16 20 100
July 25 18 23 93
August 25 18 24 112
September 23 15 22 134
October 18 11 18 133
November 14 7 14 177
December 10 3 11 203