Moscow: History

The History of Moscow

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Moscow: Interesting facts

Interesting facts about Moscow

The ancient city of Moscow, the capital of Russia, is an incredibly interesting place. The historical center here is adjacent to modern skyscrapers, and Soviet-era panel five-story buildings canstand next to the sparkling glass and

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Moscow: Climate

The Climate of Moscow

Moscow is characterized by a temperate continental climate with rather mild winters and humid warm summers. Despite this, Moscow

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Moscow: Bridges

The Birdges of moscow

More than 500 bridges have been built in the capital. Some of them connect the shores, others hover over highways, others are designed for leisurely walks and romantic meetings. Many constructions are lost against the backdrop

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Moscow: Interesting Places

The Most Interesting places

Moscow is a vibrant and fascinating city that is steeped in history and culture. from its iconic landmarks to its hidden gems, there is always something to discover in this bustling metro0polis. here are a few

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Moscow: Entertainments

The amusement park “SKAZKA”

Krylatskaya ul., 18

The amusement park “SKAZKA” is located in Krylatskoye, near the picturesque bridge. The park area is 5.5 hectares with a parking area for 500 cars.  In the park there are not only rides …

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Moscow: Events

Festival “Circle of Light”

The Moscow International Festival “Circle of Light” is an annual event in which light designers and specialists in the field of audiovisual art from around the world will transform the architectural appearance of the capital. For …

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Moscow: Museum & Theaters

Diamond fund

The Diamond Fund is a unique collection that has come a long way, closely connected with the history of the Russian state, and consists of masterpieces of jewelry of the XVIII-XX centuries, rare precious stones, insignia, nuggets of …

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Moscow: Temples and cathedrals

Christ the Savior Cathedral

This cathedral church was founded in 1839 as a monument to the soldiers of the Russian army who fought and died in battles with the army of Napoleon. It was built on the collected funds for …

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Moscow: Night Life

One of the many things for which Moscow is famous is surely its wild nightlife. Moscow never sleeps. The capital certainly has something to offer fans of entertainment after sunset: from authentic jazz clubs to garage techno parties.

1. Elysium
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