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Yekaterinburg did not arise spontaneously and not by accident. Its foundation is connected with the names of the associates of Peter I – V.N. Tatishchev and G.V. de Genin. A place for construction was found in early January 1721. Here was everything that was needed for the construction of an ironworks: water, ore and forest, from here began the waterways along the Chusovaya River to European Russia and along the Iset River in Zauralie.

The city was born on November 7 (18), 1723, when the first iron was forged in the shops. And on November 26, the day of St. Catherine the Great Martyr, the grand opening of the plant took place. After St. Petersburg, it was the largest construction site in the then Russia. Soon Yekaterinburg gained fame both in Russia and around the world due to the high quality of metal. The Yekaterinburg plant, as an industrial enterprise, was unique. He did not work long – 85 years. However, its role in the development of the Ural metallurgy, and therefore Russia as a whole, is difficult to overestimate.

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