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Restaurant Mom

This is a delicious home-made food, a comfortable game room and a cozy atmosphere. That’s how we conceived our “Mommy” and, we hope, we succeeded.

Why exactly a family restaurant? Because there is nothing more expensive than a family. There is nothing better than spending time with family people, talking and having a tasty lunch at the same time. Spending family time at the table is a tradition that goes into the past in Russia. But to visit restaurants earlier it was decided only on holidays. Family gastronomic leisure began to gain popularity only in the mid 90s of the last century. But then again, there were no family restaurants, with a smoking-free area, a children’s room and a children’s menu. Such institutions began to appear only in the two thousandth. Today, a family restaurant in Yekaterinburg is not difficult to find. With us you will feel like visiting a good and friendly mother who will be happy to place you in a cozy dining room, work out with your children in the children’s room and be sure to feed tasty and home-like.
And for those who prefer a family feast at home, Mommy will prepare a delicious dinner, carefully pack it and deliver it to the doorstep of your apartment. As a result, no one will get tired of preparing a feast and at the same time, a family dinner will be a success.
Address: st. Lenina d. 41, Ekaterinburg 620075 Russia

Restaurant “Ratatouille”

Favorite dishes of Russian, European and Japanese cuisines, pleasant service, as well as a special children’s menu and a large children’s room with a nanny for our little guests.
Do you know the situation when a visit to a restaurant is postponed only because there is no one to leave the child with? If yes, then feel free to take your children in an armful and go to the restaurant “Ratatouille” on the East! This is one of the few establishments in Yekaterinburg where parents can take a short break from their children. In the spacious children’s room, little visitors will definitely not get bored: they crawl through the maze, watch cartoons in our The interior of the restaurant can not be called elaborate or pathos, rather, it is home-like. In the warmer months, you can have lunch or dinner in the fresh air: from June to August there is a summer terrace.
You can visit the restaurant for any reason: how to stop by for dinner after a hard day, or to celebrate a special event. A delicious cake is prepared for you in the pastry shop. On the occasion of our birthday, we give you nice bonuses. And by the way, a bonus program is also available!
Popular wisdom says that it is better to see once than to hear 100 times. Better yet, try it! “Ratatouille” on the East is waiting for you!
Address: Str. East, 72

Restaurant “Savoy”

The Savoy restaurant was one of the first to appear in Yekaterinburg – it was opened at the beginning of the last century in the building of the Central Hotel. Over 88 years of work, his guests were world-famous people: Osip Mandelstam and Vladimir Mayakovsky, Nikita Khrushchev and Fidel Castro dined here.
In the Soviet years, the interior of the Savoy restaurant underwent significant changes. The restoration of the aristocratic look of the restaurant was attended by the best designers and architects of the city of Yekaterinburg.
And today, Savoy, which has returned sophistication and charm, offers guests only the very best. And its excellent Slavic cuisine will be the perfect complement to the celebration of celebrations. Lunch or dinner, banquet or wedding, corporate party or stand-up meal – any celebration at Savoy will be an unforgettable experience for a lifetime.
Hours: daily, around the clock
Address: st. Malysheva 74, Ekaterinburg

Restaurant “Forge”

The Forge is a very special place. The “Forge” is located in the heart of the ancient Yekaterinburg corner – Melkovskaya Sloboda. Once built up with wooden houses along the narrow river Melkovka, the settlement has long disappeared. Melkivka herself hid in an underground pipe. But the memory of the place is still alive.
Everything in it – from the table to the doorknob – was carefully and lovingly made by the hands of the famous Ural smith Alexander Andreyevich Lysyakov. The art of the forge and the art of the kitchen were combined in a cozy, animated space filled with many interesting artistic details. A great place for warm communication …
The “Forge” and the kitchen offers excellent – in the best traditions of a home Ural feast. And some dishes – according to special recipes, personally from the blacksmith Lysyakov. Tasty – unimaginable
Address: Melkovskaya St., 3, Yekaterinburg

Restaurant-cafe “Siberia”

Our menu contains dishes of Russian, Mediterranean cuisine, of which the most popular is perhaps Russian. Traditional culinary creations will appear from a new perspective. What is worth the choice of various pickles? Or order familiar soups, stewed main courses and flour sweets.
We have the opportunity to connect to Wi-Fi, a business lunch is organized, parking and a banquet room are available – all at your service.
Address: 23, Soboleva street, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Restaurant “Robin”

The restaurant of Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, Robin, is the intersection of gastronomic cultures, a symbol of cheerful rural expanse, the atmosphere of the Kuban farm, where one wants to put on bast shoes and dance a hopak.
The famous borsch with donuts, fries, pancakes, dumplings – all that our Russian people love. And for the youngest guests in the Robin there is a special children’s menu.
Address: st. Metallurgists, 6A, Yekaterinburg (floor socle)

Restaurant “Troekurov”

Russian noble cuisine arose within the walls of large hospitable houses from the traditions of centuries-old gastronomy of our country and the classics of French cuisine, which were imported by invited overseas chefs. In modern Yekaterinburg, this atmosphere of hospitality and high style is embodied in the Troekurov restaurant – a two-story mansion at the end of Malyshev Street.
Opening hours: daily, 12: 00–0: 00
Address: st. Malysheva, 137, Yekaterinburg

Restaurant “Factory Kitchen”

A stylish self-service restaurant, located on the site of the legendary Sverdlovsk restaurant “Ural dumplings”, offers its understanding of fast food – simple, exceptionally fresh, understandable to any Russian and curious to foreign tourists.
For this, they created kitchen factories – the first public catering enterprises: spacious, comfortable, bright.
Address: Ave. Lenin, 69, bldg. 1, Yekaterinburg

BOOZER Pub & Restaurant

German-style pub-restaurant with excellent cuisine. We will delight both lovers of traditional sausages and beer, as well as sophisticated culinary critics with interesting dishes. And in the evening on the weekend, those who love to BOOZit heartily will enjoy live music, a fun atmosphere and dancing until the morning.
Address: Yekaterinburg, Furmanova St., 117

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