HolidaysSaint PetersburgSaint Petersburg: Holidays

January 1 New Year’s Day


January 7 Christmas


January 25 Day of Russian Students


January 27 Day of complete liberation of Leningrad from Nazi blockade


February 10 Alexander Pushkin Memorial Day


February 23 Fatherland Defender’s Day


March 8 International Women’s Day


May 1 Spring and Labor Day


May 9 Victory Day of the Soviet People in the War of 1941-1945


May 18 International Day of museums


May 25 Last call Day in schools


May 27 City day – St. Petersburg founding Day


June 1 International children’s Day


June 12 Russia’s Day


The last decade of June Graduates’ Day of St. Petersburg schools “Red sails”


July 8 Family Day, love and fidelity


Last Sunday of July Navy Day


August 2 Airborne Troops Day


September 1 Day of Knowledge


September 8 Day of Remembrance of Victims of the Blockade


October 1 International Day of the Elderly


October 5 International Teacher’s Day


November 4 Day of National Unity


Last Sunday of November Mother’s Day


December 12 Day of the Constitution of the Russian Federation

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