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Most Popular Restaurants in St. Petersburg

Profsoyuznaya, 23/12

Inside – the world of carpets, sofas, curtains and lamp shades. You can start with boston and pickled oyster mushrooms; continue with Sogdan salad (duck with apples and celery). At first – a fragrant soup made from veal or mutton. On the second – homemade (meat stewed in a pot with vegetables). And at the end to order a whole samovar with dryers. There is also a children’s menu, in which the dumplings are touchingly called kapatoshki. Sharia rules prohibit trade in alcohol, but there is a small wine and cocktail card here – apparently, because halal is now something of a guarantor of quality that is interesting not only to Muslims. Even in the “Rubai” you can buy semi-finished products of kebabs, ravioli, manti, horse sausage set for pilaf. The pastry chefs bake a Napoleon cake, a carrot cake, a chak-chak, and a meat pie, zur-belesh, as well as crumbling with kystybyami.


prosp. Fatykh Amirkhan, 1b, RK “Riviera”, 4th floor

Located on the fourth floor of the Riviera entertainment complex, the restaurant boasts one of the most impressive views of the historical part of Kazan. In addition to the main round hall, there is a booth area and a terrace. In the center there is a rotating platform on which tables can stand or a group can play. Most of the menu is devoted to Tatar cuisine: dried horse meat is adjacent to the usual tokmach and kystybye. Cooked in Panorama slowly: if you have a little time, take something from snacks like beef carpaccio with arugula and cheese. For those who are not in a hurry, it makes sense to wait and try the time-tested solyanka with beef, kazylyk, smoked duck, veal and Moscow sausage. For tea in the “Panorama”, among other things, serves chak-chak.


House of Tatar cooking

Bauman, 31/12

Yunus Akhmetzyanov, the author of many books on Tatar cooking, worked as a chef (his museum is located on the ground floor) until 1984. At the very beginning of his career, he himself collected recipes, invited housewives to the restaurant – that is, in fact, he canonized modern national cuisine. And now almost all the dishes in the restaurant’s menu are from Akhmetzyanov’s collections. Here you can try such things as, for example, kalju (a roll of several types of meat), or horse meat sausage kazylyk, or exotic taste tutyrmu (sausages from giblets in broth), or beef tails that are incredible even for Tatars. Absolute hits – kulam, soup with meat and noodles, dumplings with mushrooms in a pot, lamb manti. And also, of course, baking – peremyachi, echpochmaki – and desserts: chak-chak.

Tugan avylimy

Tufan Minnullina, 14

Avuly Tugan is an entertainment complex where, in addition to the restaurant of the same name, there is also the Kamyr Batyr cafe (children’s birthdays are usually held here), the Alan Ash bistro (a convenient option for meals), a pancake house, and open air. In a complex stylized as a wooden fortress, children ride amusement rides, master a rope park, and in the winter rush off the ice slide. Adult bowling, billiards and sauna. In the menu, among other things, you can find Tatarstan salad with veal, avocado, tomatoes and apples, Khan feast, Khan fish soup with salmon, tiger shrimps and red caviar and lamb ribs with eggplants. A separate heading is dishes from a wood-burning stove like lamb beshbarmak with homemade noodles or kystyby with potatoes (one of the simplest, at first glance, not everyone can cook dishes in such a way that the dough turns out to be soft and mashed the salt in moderation; here with this order).


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