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Interesting facts about Moscow

The ancient city of Moscow, the capital of Russia, is an incredibly interesting place. The historical center here is adjacent to modern skyscrapers, and Soviet-era panel five-story buildings canstand next to the sparkling glass and steel business center. This city has become home to many millions of inhabitants, and it is rightfully one of the most interesting megacities in the world.

Their are more people lives here than all the Baltic countries.

In 1812, during a fire set on the approach of Napoleon’s army, about 80% of all buildings burned down in Moscow.

From 1712 to 1918, it was deprived of the status of the capital, since this role was performed by St. Petersburg.

The Ostankino TV tower is the highest in Europe. It is the 11th tallest buildings in the world.

Until the 16th century, even the richest Moscow houses had no glass. Instead, they used mica plates or fish bladders.

The Lenin Library (Russian state Library) located in Moscow is the largest in Europe.

The world’s largest clock, barometer and thermometer are located here. They can be seen on the building of Moscow State University.

The Moscow Metro used to be built to serve as bomb shelters if necessary, but the new lines and stations are shallow, or even go outside.

The Moscow metro stations built during the Soviet union are deservedly considered the most beautiful in the world.

The first electric lamps in Moscow were lit in 1856.

There are more than 1,600 libraries in the Moscow. In terms of their number, Moscow is the absolute record holder.

The area of ​​Moscow is approximately 2511 km².

In terms of population, the Russian capital ranks first in Europe.

The Kremlin located here is the largest active fortress in Europe.

The Kremlin chimes are the oldest clock in Russia, they are about 5 centuries old. Their weight reaches 25 tons.

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