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Port Cafe

St. Komsomolskaya, 11

In Port Cafe, the Far Eastern products became the basis of the entire gastronomic concept. Seafood, fish, taiga wild plants are cooked and served in a variety of ways: raw and boiled, grilled to a golden crust and slightly fried on a wok, dried, salted and smoked. Studying the Port Cafe menu, you find the presence in one dish or another of the notes of the regional kitchens: in scallop hyo and kim-chi soup – Korean, in a fairly wide use of sauces such as unagi or oyster – Japanese, in the way of cooking on a wok – Chinese and generally pan-Asian.

Novik Country Club

Island. Russian, p. Melkovodny, 2

You are met by a smell of a tree and  something tasty; on a spacious two-level veranda – sun bunnies and flowers, children play with cats, examine the marine life – scallops, oysters, trepangs – through the glass of the aquarium, which stands right here in front of the guests. Novik Country Club is not only a restaurant and a hotel, it is a rather large area near the sea. In winter, a free skating rink runs on the shore, holes for ice fishing enthusiasts are cut through. In summer, you can rent a catamaran or a boat, play volleyball and take a walk with the children on the playground to enjoy an appetite.

Seven Feet Restaurant

St. Lieutenant Schmidt, 17a

Both the menu and the interior of the Seven Feet restaurant are maritime-themed. The restaurant resembles a museum: unique exhibits are collected here: a salute gun of 1840, a cocked hat of an English officer, silver cups for winning the first yacht races in Vladivostok, starting in 1918, and much more. Even the staircase to the second floor resembles a gangway on a real ship! The menu includes sea delicacies: trepang, Kamchatka crab, seaside and Sakhalin oysters, trumpeter, scallop – all this is brought to the guest directly from the aquarium. Moreover, here guests are offered such interesting types of services as a boat trip on a yacht with a personal chef and a waiter, preparing a catch in a restaurant, a hiking menu for yachts with delivery on board and much more.

At Ogonёk

Partizansky Prospect, 44k6

OGONёK embodied the latest trends in the restaurant business: openness, naturalness and environmental friendliness. The author’s menu with an emphasis on local and seasonal products, a fashionable unobtrusive design, and all this is seasoned with a sincere atmosphere. A large open kitchen catches your eye, in which Yevgeny Bereznyuk and his team host it in front of everyone. The chef embodies the “farm” concept of the restaurant: he prepares from products grown in the Primorsky Territory. The most exotic dish for a tourist may seem brackish of cucumaria. The chef also offers his variations of world famous dishes: he cooks lasagna with Kamchatka crab, and ravioli – from black dough with red caviar and halibut.

Forest Zaimka

St. Makovsky, 290

The Lesnaya Zaimka restaurant, which welcomes guests of Vladivostok at the entrance to the city, was built in 1974 to adequately receive distinguished guests – Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev and US President Gerald Ford. The first thing that impresses the guest is the design of the restaurant. The building is an interesting example of wooden architecture and, without exaggeration, can be called historical. In 2012, it was completely reconstructed inside and out, that is, it was actually rebuilt from Siberian larch (log diameter is 30 centimeters!). Now it is a bizarre eclecticism of wooden architecture of the 17th century and the Stalinist Empire in a modern reading. Much attention is paid to details – for example, in the Bordovy and Emerald Halls hang chandeliers, exactly copied from the chandeliers of the St. George Hall of the Kremlin. The highlight of Forest Recreation is local specialties: game, meat, wild plants, farm vegetables. The restaurant cooperates with the hunting farms of the region, which supply bear meat, wapiti, venison, wild boar, grouse and quail meat. he main dishes are prepared strictly according to Soviet technological cards, but the menu of two hundred items also contains current dishes in the fusion style, for example, a salad of cactus and marbled beef or hazel grouse with fruit in Cointreau sauce.

Jimmy! Jimmy!

Jimmy! Jimmy! – is the new modern restaurant project of Indian and South-Asian cuisine. The restaurant across the city Aquarium is got settled in a spacious light location of single storey Bengali house at Batareynaya Street. In the kitchen and in the hall are working friendly representatives of Mumbai, Deli and Goa. The menu is extensive and includes notes about traditions of Indian cuisine.


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