Interesting factsSochiSochi: Interesting facts

  1. Sochi is the longest city in Europe, its length is 148 km. And the second longest in the world after Mexico.
  2. It is in Sochi that the world’s northernmost tea plantations are grown.
  3. The city of Sochi is the southern capital of Russia. Unofficially, this city is called the “summer capital of Russia,” since this is where the summer residence of the country’s president is located.
  4. Archaeologists have established that primitive people lived about three hundred thousand years ago on the territory where Sochi is now located.
  5. Among all cities in the world with a subtropical climate, Sochi is the northernmost.
  6. A couple of hundred years ago, Sochi was a place of exile. The climate here was terrible – the swamps infested with malaria mosquitoes.
  7. Sochi has more cars per capita than in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  8. More than three thousand different plant species grow on the territory of Sochi.
  9. In Sochi, the world’s longest beach strip. 188 km of beaches!
  10. Krasnaya Polyana – the only one in the world ski resort on the Black Sea. Snow on the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains lies from November to June. The length of the ski slopes is 25 km.


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