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One of the many things for which Moscow is famous is surely its wild nightlife. Moscow never sleeps. The capital certainly has something to offer fans of entertainment after sunset: from authentic jazz clubs to garage techno parties.

1. Elysium hall Men’s club

The evening will be bright if you spend it in the company of beautiful girls who are waiting for you in Elysium Hall. The men’s club is located just 1.5 km from the walls of the Moscow Kremlin, opposite the monument to Peter I.

Every day guests are waiting for:

  • magnificent performances and show programs performed by charming artists;
  • impeccable choreography and performances thought out to the smallest detail;
  • a special atmosphere created by a luxurious aristocratic interior.

The performances of the girls are staged by famous choreographers, their unique costumes are sewn by hand. Show ballet dancers will show you a real modern theater, using all their charm, body plasticity and acting.

The evening will be complemented by exquisite drinks and author’s dishes from the brand chef. You can stay in a common room, rent a lounge area, a VIP box or a VIP room.

Address: Prechistenskaya embankment, 17-19 ( Metro station Kropotkinskaya )

Opening hours: Mon-Sun from 21:00 to 05:00
Elysium Hall is open for you every night until 5 am, but if you wish, the club can always be extended.

2. Powerhouse

This is the coolest, in our opinion, nightclub in Moscow, located in a 19th-century mansion on Taganka. We will name at least three reasons to visit this place:

  • celebrity DJ line-up,
  • complete absence of pop music,
  • almost scientific interest in whiskey.

And in the summer, there is also an outdoor terrace with sun loungers in the courtyard – the best in the city, by the way.

The kitchen and bar are run by pros. Chef-bartender Pavel Andreev and chef Maxim Nekrasov made real gastro-experiments on the menu. Visitors are advised to take mussel popcorn and bagel with pastrami for a snack, and wash everything down with a toffee sour.

Address: Goncharnaya st., 7/4с1, Moscow;

Opening hours: Mon-Thu from 17:00 to 00:00; Fri from 17:00 to 05:00, Sat from 12:00 to 05:00, Sun from 12:00 to 00:00.

3. Gipsy night club

The secret of Gipsy’s popularity and getting into the top nightclubs in Moscow is simple – it’s a complete lack of rules and social framework. Here you can run into some important Moscow art director at the bar, then spar among the crowd of students to the songs of the Leningrad band, or retire in hammocks over artificial turf to finish off your daiquiri.

Everyone loves Gypsy, everyone wants to go there, but not everyone is allowed in – so think about the dress code in advance so that Sergey’s facer does not spoil your company’s mood.

Address: Bolotnaya embankment, 3/4, building 2, ( Kropotkinskaya metro station )

Opening hours: Fri-Sat from 23:00 to 06:00.

4. Propaganda night club

Propaganda is one of the first clubs of Moscow and represents a point of reference for the nightlife Muscovite from over 20 years. If we were to make the top round-the-clock nightclubs in Moscow, then Propaganda would top this chart. Parties are held here every day, from Monday to Sunday. Even people who are far from club life have heard about the crazy “Thursdays of Sanchez”, which have remained the hallmark of the legendary club since the opening.

During the day, the establishment works as a cafe serving homemade pappardelle, and at night they come off on the dance floor, quenching their thirst with one of a dozen cocktails on the bar menu.


Address:  Bolshoy Zlatoustinsky Lane, 7с1 ( Metro station Kitay-gorod )

Opening hours: Mon-Sun from 12:00 to 06:00.

5. Bla bla bar

So you have read our rating of the coolest nightclubs to the next bar agglomeration. Bla bla bar has united 12 bars in the Depo food mall with one concept, where you can try rye whiskey, pan-Asian cocktails from matches and wild berry tinctures.

By midnight, the tables are cleared, and the bar association turns into a huge dance floor, where trendy DJ sets and live vocals sound.

AddressSt. Lesnaya, 20/5 ( Metro station Novoslobodskaya )

Opening hours: Fri-Sat from 19:00 to 06:00, Sun from 18:00 to 00:00


6. Salt night club

Getting into the rating of the best nightclubs in Moscow, this institution at the Trekhgornaya manufactory was provided with a bright entertainment program. On Thursdays there are jazz concerts, on Fridays there are cover bands, and on Saturday they are replaced by trendy indie DJs. The bar list also has a lot of interesting things – the head of cocktails, Vasily Zheglov, adds artichokes to chocolate tonic and fills gin with raspberry schnapps. This is the whole “Salt”ю

Address: St. Solyanka, 1/2 ( Metro station Kitay-gorod )

Opening hours: Tue-Fri from 10:00 to 00:00, Sat from 10:00 to 05:00.


7. Rolling Stone Bar

The first association with the name Rolling Stone is rock and roll. A bar with such a name and a view of the Moscow River, located on the territory of the Krasny Oktyabr factory, justifies this name completely, starting with the interior and ending with the unrestrained and incendiary atmosphere of fun, music and dancing – the atmosphere that is created by both visitors and the staff of the establishment.

Address: Bolotnaya embankment, 3с1 ( Metro station Kropotkinskaya )

Opening hours: Mondaythursday from 18:00 to 1:00, Friday from 18.00 to 10.00, Saturday from 14.00 to 10.00, Sunday from 14.00 to 7.00


8. 16 Tons Club

“16 tons” without a doubt goes to the list of the best nightclubs in Moscow, because since the opening in 1996, only the names on the posters have changed in the institution, but not the impeccable service of the institution.

The club became a lucky ticket to showbiz for eminent Russian performers: here, for example, Zemfira and Semantic Hallucinations gave their first concerts.

We also advise you to pay attention to the local draft. The club “16 tons” has its own brewery, which produces three patented beers: light special, special red and double dark.

Address:  Presnensky Val street, 6с1 ( Metro station Street 1905 )

Opening hours: Mon-Sun from 11:00 to 06:00.

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