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The Legend

Club “Legend” is a comfortable complex for a night out. It is located not far from the city center, on the street of the Paris Commune, which runs parallel to the street of Tatarstan, which is a major thoroughfare. The club has a beautiful interior design and a variety of services. The Legend club has a creative team that tries in every way to diversify the events held here. Any day you can get here on the original show program.


On the embankment of Kazanka, that is, also near the city center, you can visit a very pathetic and elite institution called “Queen”. Guaranteed to get here can only be on the club card, although on weekdays you can try your luck without it. This club is interesting not only with its chic interior, but also with the concept of work. The institution is called a play-bar, that is, people come here not so much to dance until you drop, but rather to have an exciting time in all sorts of games and competitions with different thematic orientations.


If you are looking for a nightclub for a fun dancing pastime, then you can visit the disco club “Pyramid”, which is very easy to find, because it is located in the building of the same-name cultural and entertainment complex, visible from afar. This club is good because at quite low prices for admission it is quite comfortable and well-equipped dance place. This club can rather be called a youth disco in which you can often get to exciting and interesting shows. In addition, here you can comfortably get a company at the table or enjoy drinks in the bar.

“51 state”

On the embankment of Kazanka there is a truly fashionable place that is known to all club party-goers of Kazan and not only. This is the “51 state” club, which has long played the role of a club mecca in the city. Everything looks great here: the interior, the view of the river, the attendants, the visitors. A lot of entertainment services, an excellent dance hall, constantly held special events have long made this club one of the best in Tatarstan and even in all of Russia. If you really love clubbing and visited Kazan for some occasion, be sure to highlight the evening to visit this place.


On Pushkin Street, not far from Gabdulla Tukai Square, there is a landmark for Kazan party life – the Arena night club. This is a large institution that will definitely appeal to those who love really crowded parties. This club appeared in Kazan one of the first and has its own traditions.


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