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Flea market on the street. Tunchurina

A flea on Tinchurin is the “Netherlands” for those who like to smoke tr … antique objects. The gates to paradise are open only on Sundays from 8 a.m. until about 13:00. It will work both in snow and in rain. Yes, even if an earthquake of 9 points occurs there the day before, it will rise anyway. C is stability.

The observation belfry of the Epiphany Cathedral

When you will walk on the street. Bauman, be sure to climb to the observation deck of the bell tower. The bell tower itself is unique.
 This is the tallest old building in Kazan – 74 meters high. The observation deck opened in 2016 in an updated form
Address: st. Bauman, 78, cor. 2
Opening hours: from 10 – 19, lunch from 12 – 13

National complex “Tugan Avylym”

An interesting place for tourists, this is a whole complex from various institutions, ranging from cafes and restaurants, ending with museums and quests. By the way, about the quest – Vault 101 – one of the cool quests in Kazan, IMHO.
There is an unusual toy museum “Mishkin’s House”, where children can go, a cozy coffee shop “SHAB Lounge”. Sometimes various events and master classes are held here. And there is a pancake with a real wood stove. Want to try national cuisine? Then to you in the restaurant “Tugan Avylym”. In general, national color is provided to you at every corner.
Address: st. Tufana Minnullina 14/56, the complex “Tugan Avylym»

Blue Lake

This picturesque place is located near Kazan – 30 minutes by car from the center. Although I wrote about this place in an article about sights, it also fell into this collection. It is very unique and unusual. After all, this “monument” was created by nature, not by people. What is unusual? There are 2 main lakes located a couple of kilometers from each other – large and small. Both are surrounded by forest the water is clear, the depth of a small lake is 6 meters, large – 18 meters, due to blue clay the lake got its name. Water temperature all year round + 4 ° C … it’s terrible how cold. Better to drive your car. As a last resort, by taxi.

Pedestrian Bauman Street

This is the main party place not only for all tourists in Kazan, but also for street musicians, traveling artists and artists. Bauman Street has a length of two kilometers and begins at the Kazan Kremlin. By the way, if you come to Kazan on your own, you can settle right at the Kremlin walls. On Bauman Street, there are not only souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants, but also hotels with amazing views.

Monument to the Kazan cat

Today, 3 sculptures of this animal are installed in the historical homeland of Kazan Cat. The first one can be found near a lake in Zelenodolsky district near the Raifsky Bogoroditsky monastery, the second, to which tourists come annually as one of the iconic places of the city, is located at the intersection of Bauman Street with Musa Jalil Street. The third sculpture was installed at the entrance to the National Museum of Tatarstan.
Address: Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Bauman Street

Palace of Farmers

One of the controversial, but extremely spectacular modern sights of the center of Kazan is the Palace of Farmers, built in 2010. Panoramic views of the Palace and the embankment of the Kazanka River are popular with tourists from the northern wall of the Kazan Kremlin. The name is due to the fact that the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tatarstan is located in the Palace of Farmers.
Be that as it may, the Palace of Farmers was built and attracts everyone’s attention with its huge size, but most importantly – the eclectic luxurious exterior of the Bozart style, a mixture of French Baroque and Italian Renaissance. Borrowed architectural elements of empire and classicism, as well as the shape of the building with a central dome and two symmetrical wings, remotely copy the Parisian Small Palace (Petit Palais) and the imperial Hofburg in Vienna.
At night, the Palace of Farmers is beautifully illuminated – this gives the building a mysterious appearance. A 20-meter bronze tree in the central part of the facade is illuminated by green lights imitating foliage.
Address: Fedoseevskaya St., 36, Kazan, Russia

Monument “Riddles of Shurale”

A sculptural composition based on the tales of the great folk poet Gabdulla Tukai was created. During the opening of the sculpture, it was said that the history of Kazan is full of legends, secrets and good tales, the creators of the sculpture are pleased to present the city and its inhabitants with the monument “The riddles of Shurale.” Moreover, the opening of the sculptural composition was timed to coincide with the celebration of the 125th anniversary of Gabdulla Tukay. Thus, the memory of whose tales has grown more than one generation is immortalized.
At the monument, a belief immediately appeared, to everyone who comes to him, he will give happiness and a good mood.
Address: Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Kamal Theater Square

Compass Monument

The compass monument is an original street sculpture located in the historical center, on the pedestrian Bauman street. It is extremely popular among tourists, as well as the townspeople themselves. Quite often couples make appointments here.
Address: Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Kavi Nadzhmi Street

Monument to the dragon Zilant

The winged serpent Zilant is a hero of the Tatar epic and a symbol of Kazan. According to legend, he lived here, on a mountain called Zilantova. It is believed that the dragon still lives in Lake Kaban, where he guards the treasures of Queen Suyumbike. According to another legend, telling about the foundation of Kazan, in ancient times many snakes lived in this place, and the serpent king – Zilant ruled them. The monster terrified all people and ruined the earth. Finally, a brave warrior-batyr was found, who called the snake for a duel. He killed Zilant, but he himself died in the fray. In memory of this, the image of a snake allegedly appeared on the Khan’s coat of arms. The image of Zilant was on the seal of the Kazan Khan, and then on the coat of arms of the Kazan province. Now the winged serpent in a golden crown is depicted on the city flag and coat of arms. There is Zilant in the images on the facades of houses, weathercocks, wrought iron fences and the like. Source – kuda-kazan.ru, the best events of Kazan.
Address: Kazan, Bauman street

Ferris Wheel “Around the World”

Ferris wheel Kazan has 36 booths. The capacity of each is up to 6 people. A feature of the wheel is the possibility of year-round operation, due to the fact that the cabins have an electric heater and it is quite comfortable to be in it in winter. For hot summer days, air conditioning is provided. Each cabin is decorated with symbols of 36 great cities of the world, for example Paris, Moscow, Rome, London.
Opening hours: daily, 9 a.m.–0 a.m.
Address: st. Fatykh Amirkhan, 1E, Kazan, Russia

The Millennium Bridge

Cable-stayed bridge; the highest bridge in Kazan. Crosses the Kazanka River, connecting Vishnevsky Street with Amirkhan Avenue and being part of the Lesser Kazan Ring.
The bridge owes its name to the millennium anniversary of Kazan, on the eve of which it was commissioned. The letter “M” realized in the pylon of the bridge also symbolizes the thousand-year history of the city due to the fact that it is the first in the word Millennium in Tatar (Meñyıllıq) and Latin (Millennium) languages. Many citizens call the bridge simply the Millennium.
Address: Str. Vishnevsky, Kazan, Russia

May 1 Square

May 1 Square is one of the oldest squares in the city of Kazan. Located almost in the most historical part, this small area has become the most visited tourist destination in Kazan. And this is understandable! From it begins the entrance to the holy of holies – the Kazan Kremlin. And it begins through the passage of the lower part of the southern tower of the Kremlin wall – Spasskaya.
On this square, in one of the historical buildings that previously belonged to the largest city Gostiny Dvor, the National Museum of Local Lore is located with a rich collection of historical, natural, ethnographic and other exhibits.
The central place of the square is occupied by the famous “visiting card” of the city – a monument to the author of the famous “Moabit notebooks” M. Jalil, who was a famous Tatar poet who died during the Great Patriotic War in German dungeons.
Address: May 1 square, Kazan city, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

Anniversary Arch

The Jubilee Arch is an architectural building that is part of the ensemble of the Petrov Park. The construction was built in 1888 under the leadership of the architect Kotelov. The construction of the Jubilee Arch was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Kazan Powder Plant. In honor of such a date, the text “1788 ЛТТ 1888” is highlighted on the front side. The architectural building is decorated in solemn triumphal forms of red and white shades, due to which it is called the Red Gate. Her front is decorated with embossed emblems – Catherine the Great and Alexander III. Visually, by extending the arch, it seems an alley (now Bogatyreva St.), which leads to the plant.
The Jubilee Arch is a place very often visited by tourists. She is considered the main symbol of the Kirov district of Kazan. By the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan, the monument of architecture was given the status of a monument of history and culture of republican significance.
Address: Kazan, st. the 25th of October

Tukay Square

The central square of Kazan, named after the poet Gabdulla Tukay. The townspeople often referred to simply as the Ring.
Tukay Square is located on the main street of Pushkin, between the pedestrian streets of Bauman and St. Petersburg. The Ring is now also broadly referred to as the nameless site located north (historically commonly referred to as the Three Hills area) in front of the monument to Mullanur Vakhitov at the intersection of Pushkin Street with the streets of Profsoyuznaya, Nekrasova, Butlerova and Scherbakovsky Lane, and the intersection of Tverskets street in front of the square Ostrovsky.
Address: located in the center of Kazan between the pedestrian street of Petersburg and Bauman, passes through the automobile street of Pushkin.

Fountains on the Bulak River

Fountains hit at regular intervals along the entire length of the river, which stretches to the walls of the Kazan Kremlin. A jet of water is pushed upward under pressure and falls down, forming the likeness of a tulip flower. At night, the fountains are also highlighted with colorful lights and look especially beautiful from the promenade. The height of the jets reaches 10 meters, and they fly around 7 meters around its center. Each of the 22 fountains consists of 19 jets. The length of the fountain system from the first to the last is 1490 meters, the highway is 1730 meters. The fountain operates in dynamic, light-dynamic and stable modes. The Bulak River itself (from the Tatar “Bolak” is a small river) is a channel that connects the Kazanka River and Lake Lower Kaban. Water is supplied to fountains from natural reservoirs through special block-type pumps that pump 1,048 tons of water per hour. Source – kuda-kazan.ru, the best events of Kazan.
Address: Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Pravo-Bulachnaya street

Monument to the architects of the Kazan Kremlin

In order to perpetuate the memory of builders, architects, architects, the first President of the Republic of Tatarstan M.Sh. Shaimiev decided to erect a monument “The Architect of the Kazan Kremlin” in the center of the Kazan Kremlin. The architects are represented by collective images. Two figures – a Tatar court architect with a scroll drawing of the Khan’s palace and a Russian architect with a drawing of the Spasskaya tower. The pedestal is decorated with two ornament belts – in the lower part of the Tatar, in the upper – Russian, which symbolizes the sequence of cultural layers of buildings. According to the authors, this sculptural composition symbolizes the interpenetration and mutual enrichment of Russian and Tatar cultures. Source – kuda-kazan.ru, the best events in Kazan.
Working hours: around the clock
Address: Kazan, Kremlin, PO Box 522

Kazan Arena

Kazan Arena is a universal football stadium in the city of Kazan. One of the most capacious stadiums in Russia, designed for 45 379 people [1]. The home arena of the Kazan football club Rubin. The stadium of the highest fourth category of UEFA.
Opening hours: daily, 10: 00–19: 00
Address: Ave. Yamasheva, 115A, Kazan

Monument to the carriage of Catherine 2

The carriage of Catherine II. Kazan is a famous monument, which is located in the tourist center of the city. The carriage is a copy of the carriage on which the empress herself personally came to Kazan in 1767. But the original carriage can be seen in the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan.
Catherine made a trip along the Volga in the galley, sailing off from the Tver pier to get acquainted with the cities and villages that are located on its banks, and then went to Kazan. The city received her very hospitable, with a velvet path under her feet from the descent of the galley to the carriage itself, which Catherine was incredibly pleased.
Empress Catherine II was pleasantly surprised by the city, saying that only St. Petersburg could concede such beauty. Left delighted with the general impression, the Russian empress decided to leave the city with her personal crew – a luxury carriage.
WORK MODE: Around the clock.
Address: st. Bauman, 44-48, Kazan, Rep. Tatarstan

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