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Waterpark «Riviera»

Fatykh Amirkhan, 1

Kazan “Riviera” – one of the largest water parks in the world. There are more than 50 attractions and entertainment (from children to the most extreme adults), a wave pool, an extensive relaxation area with a Turkish bath, a Finnish sauna, a solarium, several jacuzzis, a bar and lounge chairs.

Opening hours: Daily 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Discovery Ocean
  1. Mazita Gafuri, 46, Fun24, 1st floor

Kazan Aquarium is the first and only amusement park in the entire Volga region, demonstrating the underwater world, the life of fish and mammals in their usual habitat. More than 3000 species of rare fish, rays, fur seal, iguanas, penguins and even predators: sharks and crocodiles live here. About the eternal, present and beautiful swans will remind you, which, if desired, you can feed! In the oceanarium, you can meet a resident born in the 19th century – a 130-year-old giant land turtle. And, of course, you can take pictures and shoot in the aquarium is completely free!

Opening hours: Tue – Sun 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.; Mon – closed

Kazan State Circus

Millennium Square, 2

Kazan State Circus is the pride and decoration of the city and for more than a century it gives positive emotions to viewers of all age categories. His exquisite architectural design is embodied in the form of a space flying saucer, where performances and tours of famous world troupes are held regularly for guests of the city and residents of the capital of Tatarstan. The Kazan Circus schedule each month pleases viewers with a new show program featuring the best circus teams in the country. Famous trainers with predators and exotic animals, clowns and acrobats, jugglers, as well as masters of other circus genres come to Kazan.


Amusement park “Kyrlay”
  1. One-sided Grivki, 1A,

Park “Kyrlay” has more than 30 rides and entertainment venues. The park is conveniently located cafe where you will be offered an adult and children’s menu, within walking distance from the rides you can treat yourself and your child with cotton candy, popcorn and ice cream, buy toys and souvenirs, as well as take a picture for memory in specially equipped photo studios. And an innovative and easy-to-use payment and access system in the park, allows you to serve large streams of visitors and exclude queues for attractions.

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.; Sat-Sun 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Big Funny
  • Bauman 58
  • Break the dishes! 6+

(This is a place where you can smash plates and bottles against the wall, and no one will scold you for it! Get rid of tension and negative emotions! And, you can write on the dishes cherished desire and gain happiness. We guarantee the dream will come true! Each guest is given 1 ticket, 2 plates and 1 bottle.)

  • House Upside Down

(Imagine that the floor and ceiling in your house have changed places. Now the chandelier is right under your feet. A refrigerator, sofa, kitchen table, sink, bed and even dishes with a buffet hanging upside down over his head. Is this real or is it just me? Explore the most incredible house in the world and decide for yourself!)

  • Jailbreak 18+

(You’re in a cell in the most secure prison in the world. The guard hesitated for a moment. This is your only chance to escape! But escape will be very difficult. Ahead of the treacherous traps, secret rooms and torture. And the prisoners who bricked up in the walls alive! You will find a real test of courage and bravery. Try to break free to breathe the air of freedom!)

  • Bauman 35
  • Ball Pull

(Imagine that you can dive into the pool right in your clothes and get up dry! Almost half a million balls in a dry pool! So, even those who can’t do it can swim here! Sway on the swing! Jump with a bungee! Arrange a fun battle on knock sticks! Come off in full! In the dry pool, fun and perfectly safe!)

  • Mirror maze

(The intricate corridors of the “Mirror labyrinth” are the realm of light illusions, “endless” rooms and optical traps. If you hear a voice nearby, it doesn’t mean you can touch it. Strange music. Charming lighting. Feel like Alice in the looking glass!)

  • Petting zoo

(The colorful parrots will fly on your shoulder, and the raccoon will take a NAP on his knees. The inhabitants of the world’s kindest zoo waiting to be stroked and caressed. No cages or bars! Bring the kids, bring your friends! Enjoy the atmosphere of trust and friendship between people and animals!)

  • The maze of fear 12+

(Step into a frightening network of corridors and nooks and crannies of the “Labyrinth of fear”. At every step you lurk terrible traps. Blood-curdling sounds. Mysterious lights. Terrible darkness of dungeons and catacombs. This is the atmosphere of a real horror movie! Everything you are most afraid of will come to life in an ominous “Labyrinth of fear”. Challenge your courage!)

  • Believe or not

(Want to see the moth man, the biggest ice cream on the planet, the Chupacabra and the city of Mars? The rarest, shocking, unusual and amazing exhibits from more than 80 countries of the world can be found in this museum. You will marvel at how many incredible secrets and mysteries around us. Take the chance to learn more about our planet!)

  • Bauman 17
  • The Giant’s House

(Just imagine – a huge giant immediately went on business, and you were in his home. Alarm clock taller than a man. A Cup in which to swim across the ocean. Chairs that can only be climbed by stairs. Bedroom Slippers the size of a car. Take pictures of amazing exhibits to prove to everyone – giants really exist!)

  • A maze of tape

(Bright colorful ribbons go to infinity. It’s like you’re inside a giant kaleidoscope! There are no rooms and turns that will tell you how to get out. But optical illusions lie in wait at every step. Trust your intuition – only it will lead you to the exit!)

  • Illusion Museum

Jump on the roofs of skyscrapers! Escape from the invasion of bloodthirsty zombies! Race on a fantastic track on a steep motorcycle! How is that possible? The best contemporary artists hand painted the walls of the Museum of illusions with stunning 3d paintings! They literally come alive! You are not a spectator, but a full participant of the events! Romance, fantasy, adventure – from the plot scenes breathtaking! Most importantly, do not forget to be photographed!

Kazan Zoobotanic Garden

St. Hadi Taktash 112

One of the oldest zoo-botanical gardens founded by Karl Fedorovich Fuchs in 1806. It is located on the shore of Lake Kaban, palm trees grow in the garden greenhouse (their age is more than 170 years). Zoobootsad performs the most important functions of nature conservation, conducts research and educates. Its main tasks are the preservation of the gene pool of flora and fauna and the multiplication of rare animal species. Today, Kazan zoo-botanical garden is a favorite resting place for citizens and guests of the city. Here you can have a pleasant and useful time, visit the zoo, ride horses and ponies. In addition, the zoo regularly conducts entertainment programs and intellectual adventure games. Among the inhabitants of the zoo here you can find reptiles, birds and mammals. And for the youngest guests on the territory of the zoo, a contact zoo “Lukomorye” was recently opened.

Kazan Dolphinarium
  1. Decembrists, 1

A visit to the dolphinarium is a good reason to return to a happy childhood and get a charge of optimism. Presenting for them is a fun game in which they enjoy participating. And the audience admire their graceful jumps and dances. With dolphins you can take pictures and even swim!

Children’s City KidSpace

Ave. Yamasheva, d. 115a, Kazan Arena stadium, sector C, entrance 58

KidSpace is the only unique “play and learn” format in Tatarstan, thanks to which children aged 4 to 14 can get useful knowledge of more than sixty real adult professions. In this case, everything happens in the process of an exciting game, from which it is impossible to break away. At 25 sites in the city of children, children can feel like lifeguards, florists, vendors, policemen, scientists, auto mechanics and in the form of a game to acquire important knowledge, for example, in the field of first aid.

FUN24 – Entertainment Center
  1. Mazita Gafuri, 46

FUN24 is a project that combines a huge leisure space with a wide range of entertainment services. In one place, more than 30 indoor-entertainment, such as: Bowling; Bull Rodeo; Autodrome; Lasertag Q-zar 2 levels; Air hockey; Billiards; 5D attraction; SonyPlaystation; Rollerdrom; Segway and Electroskate; Tyr; Table tennis; Darts; Basketball; Children’s room, Kickers, Monkeys, Mirror and Laser Maze and much more … Big Bowling Cafe; Fast food; Species restaurant and terrace; Open bars in different concepts; Karaoke bar “Hush and Hush”  By paying an entrance ticket, you can enjoy all the rides completely free from morning till dawn!

  1. H. Mavlyutova, 45; TRC City Center, 3rd floor

Entertaining – cognitive family center, allowing to plunge into the extraordinary world of science and understand the nature of the origin of various phenomena of the surrounding world. For adults and children!

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